Find meaning in your audio.

Make your audio an invaluable asset. Manage, retain, and retrieve information better. 

Maximize the value of your audio files

Keyword Extraction

Find the most prevalent keywords mentioned by speakers in each audio or video file.

Topic Inference

Identify the main topics based on speech content in the video or audio file.

Noise Reduction

Speak will analyze the file and clean up telephony audio or noisy recordings.

Brand Mentions

Tracks brand mentions in spoken content or displayed on the screen during videos.

Multichannel Recognition

In recordings with several people where they are on different channels (like a phone call or video conference), Speak will analyze each channel separately, recognize speakers, and then merge the transcripts so they are accurate.

Searchable Media

Because we transcribe and analyze media for you, you can search directly through the media. No more scrolling through audio and video thumbnails.

Transcript Editor

Once your transcription and insights are returned, you can edit both directly within the platform. Clean up any inaccuracies and export in a wide range of formats!

Integrations & APIs

We are adding a comprehensive range of integrations and APIs for you access our powerful speech-to-text in multiple ways. Find us in Zapier to connect with thousands of application and request access to our APIs

Team Management

Collaborate and share media, transcripts, and insights with your team! Manage different roles. Improve team productivity and output. 

Coming Soon: Android & iOS Apps

In addition to our already live web app, you will soon be able to record audio right from your phone. At any moment, you're only a few taps away from unlocking the full potential of recording.

Capture Your Voice

When it feels right, record audio notes. Once you're done, instantly send the audio to the web app for analysis and transcription. Export the transcription in multiple formats.

Go On A Journey

Don't worry about being offline or losing valuable insights! Capture audio notes locally on your phone at no cost. This is beautiful for when you want to disconnect, roam, enjoy nature and heal like we are supposed to and still transcribe.

Generate Metadata

Our platform will automatically generate metadata from your audio and video including keywords, topics, brands, locations, people and more. Soon, we will even help you automate link-generation so you don't have to manually link ever again.

Capture. Analyze. Excel.

Automated audio analysis to help you reduce the time, cost,  and frustration of managing media.

Don’t Miss Out.

Transcribe and analyze your media like never before.

Automatically generate transcripts, captions, insights and reports with intuitive software and APIs.