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Looking for the best alternative to automated transcription and analysis software?

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Searching for the right transcription and analysis tool shouldn't be a complicated processes. 

That's why we've distilled key information about how we outperform or differentiate ourselves from other products in the space. 

On this page you can find a high-level overview and comparison of main features, pricing structures and in-depth profiles of Speak vs Speak alternatives.

If you're feeling adventurous, give Speak a try for free to see how we're building a platform for insightful analysis of both professional and personal content. 

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Is Speak Ai free to use? 

We want to make sure you get to test out the platform before you sign up for a plan.  

That's why we give you access to all our premium features and 30 free minutes of transcription and analysis in a 7-day trial. 

For enterprise solutions or questions about our pricing, please get in touch with our team at success@speakai.co.

I want to record interviews and get accurate automatic transcriptions

While we offer automatic transcription with a high accuracy rate, the best way to ensure 99.9% accuracy is to have humans and our software work together to make that happen.

Our team of exceptional transcribers makes sure that your automatically generated transcripts are reviewed, edited and presented with that human touch.

Once that's done, we encourage you to use Speak to analyze your interview content and unlock the true power of our platform to help you gain useful insights.

I want to analyze confidential information with Speak. How do I know my content is secure?

Privacy is our number one priority. All our services are HIPAA compliant, which means that we only use the minimum amount of personally identifiable information required to make sure our system work. 

Our transcription team is also fully HIPAA trained and we take multiple steps to make sure that anything you upload is stored safely.

What can I use Speak Ai for? 

You can use Speak for everything from sensitive research to personal analysis and marketing. 

We have clients from various industries who use Speak to further their business goals but also take advantage of our platform to brainstorm, analyze speech habits, find trends in their content strategy or to conduct competitor research

Feel free to visit our resources section to explore the power of Speak.

Want to test Speak's analysis for free?

Check out our free text analysis tools that you can visit to instantly generate word clouds, do named-entity recognition and run sentiment analysis. 

Speak Ai vs Others

Detailed Comparisons

We've compiled a list of detailed comparisons of other platforms and why people end up switching to Speak Ai for their needs

Our customers love us

I had 10 one-hour interviews that I needed to transcribe and analyze. Speak helped with that process immensely. Wishing you all the luck. I seriously think you have a winning product here.

Karen Shulman Dupuis
Centre for Social Innovation
As a person who spends hours per day brainstorming out loud I never had the ability to make sense of all of my thoughts. Speak Ai had the ability to synthesize hours of audio into useful insights.

Justin Finkelstein
Justin Finkelstein
Founding Member
Citi Technology Innovation Center
"The video editing process can be grueling and anything that helps smooth it out to bring the editor’s intention to life quicker is a godsend. The possibilities for saving searching time and increasing time for creative thinking are incredible."

Daniel Cooper
Creative Producer

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