Speak Ai vs MonkeyLearn

Speak Ai combines automated speech-to-text transcription with text analysis to give you a complete alternative to MonkeyLearn.

If you're here, it means that you've been trying to find a transcription and text analysis service that ticks all the boxes for your needs. We're glad we're on your list of top choices and wanted to help you make the right decision. 

You'll find a detailed explanation of what we do at Speak Ai and why you should consider using us as an alternative to MonkeyLearn.

There's also a top level overview for anyone who just wants a quick summary. 

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Low cost text and sentiment analysis

MonkeyLearn is a powerful text analysis software with multiple uses. Their dashboard is exceptional and we'd dare to say that they inspire us as well. 

However, all that proprietary tech and modelling capability comes with a hefty price tag starting at $299 per month.

While that might be a negligible expense for most larger corporations, it's a pretty tough ask for the average SME or individual user. 

Speak gives you access to automated transcription, the ability to import relevant media from any public URL, text and sentiment analysis at a much more affordable monthly price. It's free to start using our platform and our premium plans start as low as $15.99 per month for our Sprout plan

A complete transcription and text analysis solution

MonkeyLearn only works with text data. This means that you would likely have to pay a separate service to get your content transcribed then upload it into MonkeyLearn before you even get your analysis. 

By using Speak Ai, you can remove the hassle of switching between various platforms and conduct every step in your process on our platform. 

You can do everything - record in-app, transcribe your recordings, get sentiment and insightful analysis and share your end results all from one place. 

Import audio, video & text from your favorite platforms

Another reason to choose Speak as an alternative to MonkeyLearn is to transcribe and analyze more than just your own content. 

You can use Speak Ai to upload audio, video or text files from your favorite sites. 

How does that work you might ask?

It's quite simple actually. Grab any publicly available URL and upload the link to our platform. 

Within a few minutes you will have a transcript of the audio or video file and an insightful breakdown of content. You can also use Speak to analyze any text articles giving you an easier way to skim through and find key moments or useful information. 

Build your own products using our Speak APIs

Collaboration has the power to bring out new ideas and push us all forward. 

Are you a developer? Looking to develop your own tools?

Connect with our APIs to capture and analyze audio, video and text. 

Want to test Speak's analysis for free?

Check out our free text analysis tools that you can visit to instantly generate word clouds, do named-entity recognition and run sentiment analysis. 

Zapier integrations to connect with hundreds of applications

Having the power to automate various aspects of your life and workflow greatly empowers you to spend your time on more productive activities. 

We're building out a whole suite of Zapier integrations to allow you to connect Speak to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Twilio, WordPress and others. 

Feel free to check out our available integrations and try us out. You can also sign up for updates as we roll out new features.

tl;dr - Summary of Speak Ai vs MonkeyLearn

We're big believers in giving people the information they want in a concise and insightful way.  it's why we created Speak Ai in the first place after all. 

You can use Speak as an alternative to MonkeyLearn to have a full suite of important tools all in one place. Not only do you get automated transcription but we supercharge your content by allowing you to showcase key moments with keyword, sentiment and insightful analysis. 

However, if you require easily available integrations, advanced scripting and features that are in the Speak Ai pipeline but haven't been realized yet, MonkeyLearn might be your best bet for now. 

That being said we would love it if you sign up and let us know what we could do to provide even greater value for your needs.  

Speak Ai is for you if: 

  • You need an all-in-one solution for transcription, sentiment analysis and data analysis of various media at an affordable cost
  • You want the power to record, transcribe and analyze content on one platform
  • You have an interest in uploading and analyzing competitor content
  • You want to improve your website accessibility and allow your users to interact with your content the way they prefer

You might be better served using MonkeyLearn for now if all you need is: 

  • Automatically Tagging and Routing Service Tickets
  • A larger integration library (for now)
  • Analysis Templates

If you still need to read more before you make a decision, head back to the alternatives page. 
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