Turn Your Conversations Into Powerful Marketing Content.

Speak turns your audio and video into high-quality content that increases engagement, accessibility, and search engine rankings.

Use the power of Speak in three easy steps.


Simply import audio and video through Speak’s easy-to-use web application.


Transcribe audio and video. Extract valuable insights like topics, keywords, people, brands, and sentiments.


Export your content with transcription and insights into documents, captions, and embeddable players.

Less Expensive

High-quality content writers can be more than $100 an hour and take several hours to do one good blog post. Compared to creating completely original content, transcribing a conversation is less expensive and more effective.

Supercharge Your SEO

Transcribing audio and video files and posting the transcript online massively improves your search engine rankings by increasing relevant keywords, improving searchability, and driving engagement.

Skyrocket Engagement

Pages with audio and video increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Many people prefer reading to watching or listening. Including a transcript encourages readers to digest the content their way and adds values to watchers and listeners. Transcripts improve engagement, user experience, and SEO.

"This is so useful."

Marketing Director at London Economic Development Corporation