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As marketers, it's very easy to get lost in the sea of information you gather through market research and the sheer volume of content that is produced for your channels. 

Speak Ai lets you upload multiple audio, video and text files at once which can be transcribed and analyzed to create SEO friendly text content to be used across your channels. Artificial intelligence is especially valuable for programmatic seo.

Analyze your competitors' content strategy, make your entire media database searchable, reduce the time and cost of content creation and enjoy the benefits of improved accessibility in one easy-to-use suite of tools including our AI video to text converter and AI audio to text converter

Learn how to transcribe a YouTube video instantly and easily with Speak's intuitive transcription and natural language processing software. Join 7,000+ users finding radical efficiencies with their audio, video and text data to drive value.

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Transcription for podcast, video and audio accessibility and sharing - Speak Ai

Make content more accesible and expand your reach

Adding transcriptions to your content efforts effectively maximizes your reach. Not everyone is able to watch a video or listen to a podcast due to varying abilities.

By including captions or transcripts, you allow your customers to follow the content at their own pace and engage with you in a way that works for them. 

Marketing Research Software - Speak Ai

Save time and money in the research phase

It can take more than 8 hours to accurately transcribe a one hour audio file. That's time you could be spending on strategizing and actual content creation. 

We take care of your transcription needs and provide in-app AI analysis to help you better manage your content creation workflow. 

User Experience and SEO software for marketers - Speak Ai

Improve user experience and boost your SEO efforts

A better user experience results in higher engagement, increases on-site time and ultimately leads to a boost to your site's standing with Google. 

The use of transcripts and our insights panels also allow you to incorporate target keywords onto your pages in an organic way that provides value to your end user. 

How do marketers use Speak Ai?

Using automated transcription, aka speech-to-text software, can be a game changer for your marketing stack. 

Transcribe user interviews, product reviews and improve the accessibility of existing video and audio content to give your SEO efforts a solid boost. 

Additionally, with web accessibility regulations becoming more commonplace (AODA, WCAG) it's important that you take a proactive step in making your content accessible to as many people as possible. 

There are a number of other ways you can use Speak Ai to improve your marketing engine beyond just transcription:


If you have a specific use case, please get in touch! Our team is happy to build custom solutions that fit your needs. 

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Named Entity Recognition

Get important insights including keywords, trends and sentiment analysis to inform your entity-based SEO strategy.


A powerful search tool built into the app to find the exact information you're looking for.

APIs and integrations

Augment your existing workflow with by connecting to your favorite applications.

Media management

Upload and manage your entire media library in one place. Easily search for soundbites, keywords and topics in your content database.

Private and secure

All our processes are HIPAA compliant. Privacy is key and you retain ownership of your content.

Multiple export formats

Share your transcripts in the most commonly used formats or using our interactive player.

Transcription and SEO Software for Marketers - Speak Ai

Join a growing number of marketers using Speak Ai to carry out competitor analysis, boost SEO efforts, reduce content creation costs and make content more accessible through speech-to-text transcription.

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