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Learn more about Speak Magic Prompts, an AI text prompt functionality to summarize, analyze and extract insights from unstructured language data.

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The Speak Magic Text Prompts Release

We are overjoyed to introduce Speak Magic AI Text Prompts!

Magic AI Text Prompts revolutionizes how you get value from your language data in Speak.

To help you make the most of this new superpower, we've included a guide and resources below:

What Are Magic Prompts?

Speak Magic AI Text Prompts leverage innovation in artificial intelligence models often referred to as "generative AI".

These models have analyzed huge amounts of data from across the internet to gain an understanding of language.

With that understanding, these "large language models" are capable of performing mind-bending tasks!

With Speak Magic AI Text Prompts, you can now perform those tasks on the audio, video and text data in your Speak account.

Here are AI text prompts that you can apply to any file right now:

  1. Create a SWOT Analysis
  2. Give me the top action items
  3. Create a bullet point list summary
  4. Tell me the key issues that were left unresolved
  5. Tell me what questions were asked

Create Your Own Custom AI Text Prompts

To unlock endless valuable possibilities for you, we've now given you the ability to create any custom prompt you want!

Use Speak Magic prompts for research, market, education, training, and more.

How To Use Speak Magic Prompts

We've made using Magic Prompts as simple as possible.

Step 1: Sign-Up For Speak

It is easy to sign up for Speak. Visit the Speak register page, create a free account, verify your email and login into the platform.

Step 2: Visit An Individual File

When you are viewing any individual file in Speak, all you have to do is click on the "Prompts" button.

Step 3: Select Or Create Your AI Text Prompt

A modal will pop up so you can use the pre-defined AI text prompts we shared above to instantly and magically get your answers.

If you have your own prompts you want to create, select "Custom Prompt" from the dropdown and another text box will open that gives you 100 characters where you can ask anything you want of your data!

Step 4: Review & Share Responses

Speak will generate a concise response for you in a text box below the AI text prompt selection dropdown.

You can easily copy that response for your presentations, content, emails, team members and more!

Have prompt requests?

Send us a message! We are adding new AI text prompts every week.

If the AI text prompt is highly specific to you, we will enable it just for you!

What's Next

There is a lot more on its way with new AI text prompts and multi-file prompting that will unlock even more mind-blowing capabilities.

For now, enjoy an entirely new level of magic from Speak.

Why should I care about Speak Magic AI Text Prompts?

Text prompts revolutionize how you interact with language data

Instead of having to filter through raw data in Speak (we know some of you love doing that), Speak Magic AI text prompts help you generate concise summaries, analyses and recommendations from your data. 

With Speak Magic AI text prompts, we've streamlined the creation of audio, video and text language data to insights from months to seconds.

Large language models and text prompts are the future

Massive innovations in large language models and generative artificial intelligence are giving organizing huge advantages in the markets they operate in. 

Organizations that don't embrace these innovations are going to fall behind, lose market share, and make poorer decisions.

People want insights and not just more data

Over and over again, we've seen teams struggle with the overwhelming amount of unstructured language data being generated. 

Often, we turn audio into transcripts and data just becomes more data. With Speak Magic AI text prompts, you can break that chain and get concise, meaningful, actionable insights from huge data sets of language information in just seconds. 

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