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Capture and upload your data

Upload video, audio and text files from a personal library or any publicly available URL to Speak Ai and get your transcript and analysis. 

You can also use our built-in video and audio recorder to create your content. 

Speak is continually adding more integrations to enable the ingestion of large data from platforms like Zapier, Twitter, CSVs and more. Instantly analyze thousands of files to produce stunning language data visualizations.

Clean your data for visualization

A crucial part of good data visualization is having clean data.

With audio and video, use our built-in editor to make changes to your generated transcript and get it up to 100% accuracy. 

If you are short on time or would rather have us manage the process for you check our human transcription services instead.

Quickly create visualizations

Search through the generated transcript using native search tools, key insights and sentiment analysis powered by our AI using our explore dashboard. 

Speak automatically visualizes your language data based on the filters you choose like folders, tags, time periods, categories and search terms. 

Sentiment analysis tools allow you to scale up your work.

Export and share visualizations

By automatically producing data visualizations, we make it easy for you to share insights from your language data.

Export Word Doc and PDF reports, clip the visualizations and share with your team or on social media, and generate links for media files and libraries that anyone can derive value from. 

On top of the main platform, our team works with researchers, marketers, and creators to create custom reports and data visualizations so that you can make an impact in your presentations and social media efforts.

Try Our AI Word Cloud Generator

Word clouds are a great way to highlight the most important words, topics and phrases in a text passage based on frequency and relevance. Generate word clouds from your text data to create an easily understood visual breakdown for deeper analysis. Try our free word cloud generator today to automatically visualize insights from your data.

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Get important insights including keywords and trends with our Ai system at no additional cost.


A powerful search tool built into the app to find the exact information you're looking for.

APIs and integrations

Augment your existing workflow with by connecting to your favorite applications.

Multiple export formats

Share your transcripts in the most commonly used formats or using our interactive player.

Private and secure

All our processes are HIPAA compliant. You retain ownership of your content.

Media management

Upload and manage your entire media library in one place. Find shared content across files.


The quality of your audio files will have a pretty significant impact on the transcript quality.

High quality audio can provide automated transcripts with as high as 96% accuracy.

Any recordings with a lot of background noise, volume differences between speakers, variable accents and other possible factors can contribute to a lower transcript quality.

To make up for this, we have a built in editor that allows you to easily make edits for free.

Some quick tips to improve the audio quality of your audio and transcript include:

  • Minimizing background noise by recording in a quiet environment
  • Avoid talking over a conversation partner
  • Speak clearly, directly into the mic if possible, loudly and slowly
  • If recording for professional purposes it would be a worthwhile investment to get quality recording equipment such as a microphone or field recorder

Our system does a pretty good job of identifying different speakers and separating them by paragraph. However, the system isn't perfect just yet so we've included an easy to use editor so you can make fixes if needed. 

This means that on average it takes 1 minute to transcribe and analyze 1 minute of audio, though usually the process takes half the time. 

The reason our transcription takes slightly more time compared to other automated transcription services such as Rev or Happyscribe is that we have inbuilt keyword and trend extraction.

This additional process adds time to the transcription process but results in a more useful transcript when it's done. 

Yes! We support popular formats including PDFs, Word Docs, TXT and SRT files. We also offer the option to share your media using our interactive media player at no additional cost.

You can find an overview of our security and privacy policies here.

Currently we only do automated transcriptions in English and French but we have plans to add a number of other languages soon!

Check out how to transcribe a YouTube video to effortlessly bring valuable video content into Speak for transcription and analysis. 

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