Privacy Overview

We are committed to the privacy and security of your data. 

Our goal is to help you organize, find, and use your data to be your most productive self while respecting your privacy and honoring the commitments we've made in our application. 

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Speak Believes in Data Protection

We do not own your data. Putting audio or video assets into Speak does not change that content's ownership or copyright status.

If the content was yours to begin with, it remains yours after you put it in Speak. Of course, if the content wasn’t yours to begin with, putting it in Speak doesn’t make it yours. This is true of all of our products and services.

By using our products, you give Speak permission to do certain things with your data so that we can run our service. For example, you give us permission to back it up, send it over a network, index it for searching, display it on your various devices, etc. Some of these operations may require us to send your data to our normal business partners–such as a network operator–that we have contracted with to provide parts of the Speak Service. Before we do this, we’ll always make sure that our contracts with such partners protect your ownership rights.

Other than giving us the permission to perform these limited operations so we can run the Speak Service, you retain all the rights to your data.

Everything you put into Speak is private by default. We are not a "big data" company and do not try to make money from your content.

Our systems automatically analyze your data in order to power Speak features, such as search and related notes, and to tell you about important features and products that we think will enhance your Speak experience, but we never give or sell your content to any third party for advertising purposes.

Our business model is simple: we only make money when you decide to pay us for a great product. This means that trust is our biggest asset and keeping your data private is fundamental.

There are features in Speak which allow you to publish and share your content with others, but these are totally optional and whether or not you use them is up to you. 

In addition, we take many precautions to protect your data from accidental loss and theft. Everything you put into a Speak account is stored in our secure data center with multiple redundant servers, storage devices and off-site backups. Communications between Speak clients and servers (and between our various data centers) are all encrypted. We provide industry-leading security technologies, like two factor authentication, to all users, and we’re constantly investing in ways to improve data protection. We take the utmost care in protecting your password and no one at Speak will ever ask you for it.

People can easily input content into we Speak, and we want to make sure they can leave the service quickly and easily. There is no data lock-in with Speak. We are committed to making it straightforward for you to get all of your data into, and out of, Speak at any time.

Our philosophy is that by making it possible for you to leave at any time, we’re forever-motivated to build great things so that you’ll want to stay. And we hope you do stay, for years and even decades. To this end we’re committed to investing in technologies that will make your data accessible far into the future.

This note is not a legal document, it’s meant to be a plain-language description of our fundamental business values and how we think about your data. We’ll update it from time to time to keep up with the times, but the core principles will not change: your data is personal, your data is encrypted and your data is accessible. We’re trying to build a sustainable startup and we aim to do it by valuing our most important beliefs.

For information about our privacy and security practices please read our Privacy Policy. You can read more about your rights and responsibilities in our Terms of Service.

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