Embeddable recorders to collect data from anywhere.

No complicated recorder implementations - a single line of code and you're good to go.

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Turn anything into a feedback hub

Capturing feedback or testimonials on your website

Customer feedback, testimonials and other language data are incredible sources of organizational knowledge. 

Generate a dedicated landing page or simply embed an iframe on any website or app page to allow users to submit audio or video recordings. They can also submit screen recordings!

Free Screen Recorder and Audio, Video Embeddable Recorder

Make the most of captured data with automated transcription and insights

All recordings and uploaded files can be automatically transcribed without you having to lift a finger. 

Speak also generates insights for you that help you identify important topics, recurring themes and even the sentiment of the submissions you receive. 


Easily organize and manage all your valuable insights in a central place

Create custom libraries of important words that matter to you and reduce the amount of time you spend parsing through recordings.

Use Speak's Insights Hub as your central source of truth when it comes to finding the moments that matter the most to you. 

Shareable media library - Speak Ai

Maximize the value of your recordings with a shareable media repository

Easily create a shareable library for all your testimonials, feedback and recordings.

This lets you easily share files, transcripts and insights with teammates or stakeholders who can take advantage of advanced search, intuitive tagging and visualizations to navigate through the data you share.


Integrations built for your workflow

Our goal is to let you bring your entire workflow together seamlessly.

Native Zoom and Vimeo integrations allow you to sync entire libraries of videos or recordings.

You can also build custom automations through our various Zapier templates or with Speak APIs. 

Features you'll want to explore

PII redaction

Avoid exposing sensitive information with integrated PII redaction. 

Built-in transcript editor

Simple editing to make your transcripts as accurate as possible.

Name Entity Recognition

Automatically identify important keywords, topics and sentiment.

Screen Recording

Create custom on-page screen recording for your users.

Find and replace

Clean up your transcripts quickly with systemwide find and replace.

Interactive navigation

Improve engagement and accessibility with clickable transcripts.

Here's how we've helped people like you

I don't want to swear but Speak is awesome! I love it. It makes all the data come to life and makes finding information incredibly easy with its powerful search.
Mariette Abrahams
CEO and Founder
Our administrative labor has been reduced to a fraction of what we needed with our old system, plus the transcription quality is a huge step up. That's a very big deal.
Rachel Cachero - Founder of Vetswell
Rachel Cachero
As a person who spends hours per day brainstorming I couldn't make sense of all of my recordings. Speak helped me synthesize hours of audio into useful insights.
Justin Finkelstein
Founding Member
Citi Technology Innovation Center

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Get a 7-day fully-featured trial. 

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Yes! You are able to customize our embeddable recorders with your logo and brand colors. 

If you're looking to fully whitelabel the recorder get in touch with our sales team and we'll put together an enterprise plan that works for you.

Currently, we limit the recording based on different pricing plans. If you have custom needs, you can reach out to us and we will make adjustments so that you can extend the time longer if that is valuable for you! 

The Speak embeddable audio and video recorder has been built to be compatible across all devices and browsers.

However, the underlying system we deploy has some limitations. You can see compatibility requirements here

Besides those compatibility requirements, we see some edge cases on old devices and browsers, we do our absolute best.

If you have any problems, just send us a note and we will identify ways to correct any errors for you! 

With the Speak embeddable audio and video recorder, you are able to request the user's name and email.

When the user submits a recording through the embeddable recorder, you will see their information along with where they were when they submitted the recording.

You can click on a button to easily open and play the recording.

If you have other information you are hoping to collect, please just send us a message through the in-app live chat and we will set up the options for you! 

We care about this deeply. Even as a small team we have prioritized privacy and security. We store valuable, private information on Speak too. 

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. Companies that deal with protected health information (PHI) must have physical, network, and process security measures in place and follow them to ensure HIPAA Compliance.

We have finalized HIPAA Compliance to show our dedication to privacy, security, and your data. 

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