Decrease the time and cost to transcribe, analyze, and publish research.

No more transcribing by hand. No more expensive transcribers. Instantly transcribe and extract insights from your audio and video files. Keep all your data together in one intuitive application and media player.

Use the power of Speak in three easy steps.


Record or import audio and video through Speak’s easy-to-use web application.


Transcribe audio and video. Extract valuable insights like topics, keywords, people, brands, and sentiments.


Export your transcription and insights into Word Docs, PDFS, SRT, VTTs, and CSVs.

Reduce time and cost of transcription, analysis, and publishing.

Easily playback and analyze files with custom media player.

Use insights to identify meaningful information and patterns.

"This is a complete paradigm shift for how we do research."

Trauma Surgeon at London Health Sciences Center

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