How to Transcribe a YouTube Video

You don’t need to convert a YouTube video into mp4 to transcribe it. Simply upload the URL to Speak and get your free 60 minutes now.

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Adding transcriptions to your videos has proven to increase reach and engagement. According to a study by Verizon Media, 69% of people watch videos without sound in public places, meaning you stand to lose 69% of potential audiences simply by not providing subtitles. 

YouTube automatically transcribes any uploaded video but exporting the transcripts is a hassle. To illustrate, we copy-pasted the transcript of a 16-minute video by TEDx Talks and the result was this: a 14-page document with no speaker identifications and hours of formatting required.

With Speak, you can get an export-ready transcript for free in a fraction of that time, along with built-in text and sentiment analysis. Here’s how.

How to transcribe a YouTube video for free

Step 1: Upload the YouTube URL to Speak

Speak doesn’t require you to download a YouTube video to transcribe it; all you need is to upload the URL in the dashboard, which you can access with a registered account. 

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Step 2: Upload your file

To upload the URL, simply select “New upload” before selecting the URL option and pasting the link in the provided area. Then, select “Proceed & Pay” for your free 60 minutes of transcriptions.

If you need more minutes, Speak has some of the most affordable pricing plans in the market. Additionally, you can get up to 50% off by building a custom plan tailored to your needs.

Step 3: Done!

Once Speak has prepared your transcription, you can conduct text and sentiment analysis or export it in one of many supported file types.

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I had 10 one-hour interviews that I needed to transcribe and analyze. Speak helped with that process immensely. Wishing you all the luck. I seriously think you have a winning product here.
Karen Shulman Dupuis
Coach at Centre for Social Innovation
As a person who spends hours per day brainstorming out loud I never had the ability to make sense of all of my thoughts. Speak Ai had the ability to synthesize hours of audio into useful insights.
Justin Finkelstein
Citi Technology Innovation Center, Founding Member
“This is super cool. I can definitely see the value in what you have built. We look forward to continuing to work with you and accessing this powerful technology.”

Ashley Conyngham
Director, Marketing & Communications, LEDC

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