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Your podcast is so much more valuable than just the audio, transcribe and extract insights from your audio. Keep everything together in one intuitive application and media player.

Speak is Perfect For Podcasts

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Using Meta Schema code, Speak lets Google know what is in your podcast in order for Google to direct more traffic to you.

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Traditional Web Players are outdated and offer little value to the viewer. Check out what our player does on the Home page.

Repurpose Your Content

Use the transcript of your podcast to create blog posts and social media posts.


Increase the accessibility of your podcast to people with hearing and other disabilities.

3 Easy Steps


Import your files or record live in a secure portal.


Understand the meaning, not just the words.


The possibilities are instant and ongoing.


Most frequent questions and answers

With good audio quality and a clear articulate speaker, you can get an 85% to 98% accurate transcription. Poor audio quality, industry-specific terms, and accents can reduce accuracy and speaker identification. Speak will analyze the file and clean up telephony audio or noisy recordings. We continue to improve our technology and increase our automated analysis accuracy.

Speak is built for ease-of-use. We are capable of analyzing most popular video files including MP4, QuickTime, FLV, WebM and AVI. We also support mainstream audio files including MP3, FLAC, AAC and WAV.

As speech recognition grows, several companies have built speech-to-text technology. Most automated transcription companies range from $0.10 USD to $2.00 USD per minute. We are competitively priced and unlike transcription companies, analyze video or audio which provides additional value through export options. This includes valuable insights like topics, keywords, and brands using our machine learning algorithms. Soon, you will be able to access our automated analysis at any time with our intuitive web and mobile application.

When you create an account, you can easily upload audio and video files through a web interface. As soon as your transcription is done, you will get an interactive media player. You can navigate your file and edit the media there, or export to a Word Doc (.doc), PDF (.pdf), SRT and VTT. 

Although it can range depending on how optimized your audio and video files are and how busy our servers are, Speak aims to deliver a 1:1 ratio. A 10-minute video should take 10 minutes to get back after upload. Audio is often much quicker. 

Currently, Speak has a pay-as-you-go system that allows you to place an order. Upload your file, payment is subtracted from your Speak balance, and placed in an audio/video folder.

Reduce time and cost of transcription.

Easily export and share media player.

Offer more to your viewers with an advanced web player.

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