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How does the ROI Calculator calculate?

Audio & Video

Manual Transcription

Generally, manual transcription of audio and video takes 4 hours of work for every 1 hour of recorded media.

Manual Analysis

Manual analysis, theme identification and insights generation can take between 2 and 8 hours per hour of recorded media. In this calculator, we use 4 hours. We consider one researcher at $75 USD per hour in this calculator.

AI Transcription & Analysis

Because Speak is powered by AI, transcription is automatic and comes back in seconds. And, while some human oversight is required, Speak's flexible analysis with automation built in, human work is reduced by 95% or more. In this calculator, we use a 0.3 ratio or 18 minutes per hour of audio or video for analysis and insights generation.

Professional Transcription

If you require professional transcription, this can add an additional cost which is generally $120 USD per hour of recorded media.


With that in mind, the general cost per hour you can save is $137 USD. We use all of this to calculate your total cost savings when using Speak over manual processes.

In almost all of our calculations and work with customers, we see time savings of 95% or more and cost savings of 75% or more!

Text Analysis

Average Reading Speed

Academic and market researchers typically read at a speed of 200-250 words per minute when analyzing text for themes. However, for detailed analysis involving coding or thematic analysis, this rate may drop significantly. For our estimate, we use 100 words per minute, as the task involves careful consideration of themes and content.

Analysis Time

In addition to reading, the researcher must categorize themes, which can vary widely depending on the complexity of the text and the familiarity of the researcher with the subject. A rough estimate is that coding or thematically analyzing the text might take twice as long as reading it, leading to a total of 3 minutes per 100 words.

Hourly Rate

The cost of labour is a significant part of manual analysis. For simplicity, let's use an average hourly rate for a market researcher or academic in the US. According to various salary surveys and labour statistics, a reasonable average might be $33.87 USD per hour.


Time per Word: With the assumption of spending 3 minutes per 100 words, the time spent per word is 0.03 minutes.

Cost per Word: If a researcher costs $33.87 per hour, then per minute cost is $0.50 (since $30 / 30 minutes = $0.57). Therefore, the cost per word is 0.03 minutes * $0.57 = $0.02815.

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All plans include

Audio, video & text capture from anywhere

  • Seamless media uploading 

    Transcribe and analyze all popular media file formats.

  • Create unique, embeddable recorders

    Create dedicated landing pages or get an iframe to enable audio/video recording or file upload on any website or web app.

  • Capture and record directly in app

    Ability to record audio, video or create text notes directly in Speak.

Advanced analysis & data visualization

  • Automatic Named-entity recognition

    Identify important keywords, brands, people, location, topics and other entities across all your files.

  • Sentiment trends and analysis

    Understand speaker sentiment of topics discussed in your transcripts, videos and audio files.

  • Data visualization

    Visualize everything with customizable charts, word clouds and reports.

  • Data filters for easier searching

    Easily search through and clean your entire data library with intuitive filtering options.

Transcript editor and professional transcription

  • Transcript editor access

    Edit transcripts and speakers directly in platform with a simple transcript editor with in-built shortcuts and find-replace feature.

  • Order professional transcription for full accuracy

    Directly manage all professional transcription orders on Speak. Completed transcripts are merged with your file automatically.

Easy ways to customize and share media

  • Shareable, search-optimized media player 

    Share important individual media files with an SEO-friendly, embeddable player. Interactive transcripts, keyword navigation and subtitles included.

  • Create project folders

    Easily organize your various files by project name, media type or through smart tagging.

  • Export options

    Export your transcripts and captions to TXT and SRT.

Native integrations and Zapier templates​

  • Zapier integrations & templates

    Automate your workflow with our prebuilt Zapier templates for common tasks or build your own.

  • Native integrations with Zoom & Vimeo

    Automatically sync recordings and media libraries from Zoom and Vimeo.

Developer access so you can build with Speak

  • API & Webhook access

    Get access to API keys and Webhooks to easily integrate with your platform.

  • Integration support

    Our dev team is on hand to answer questions you have about integrating the Speak API.

Premium add-ons for power users

Advanced export options

Export files in bulk and access more advanced formats including: CSV, JSON, HTML, PDF, Docx, WebVTT, PII Redaction. 

Custom categories & insights

Create custom categories to build language data sets for improved transcript accuracy & insights generation. 

AI Meeting Assistant Customization

Customize the image, name and settings of your Ai Meeting Assistant. 

Individual media player sharing & customization

Customize and share individual media players and embeddable recorders with your branding. 

Shareable media repository

Build a shareable media repository to share important media files and research insights with stakeholders or your team. 

White label solution

Get secured hosting on your domain and completely customize the platform to match your brand. 

Our Customers Love Speak

I don't want to swear but Speak is awesome! I love it. It makes all the data come to life and makes finding information incredibly easy with its powerful search functionality.
Mariette Abrahams
CEO and Founder
Our administrative labor has been reduced to a fraction of what we needed with our old system, plus the transcription quality is a huge step up. That's a very big deal.
Rachel Cachero - Founder of Vetswell
Rachel Cachero
As a person who spends hours per day brainstorming out loud I couldn't make sense of all of my recordings. Speak helped me synthesize hours of audio into useful insights.
Justin Finkelstein
Founding Member
Citi Technology Innovation Center

Pricing FAQ

Answers to common questions about pricing, billing and product features.

We have users from all different industries, job titles and locations, but we find that market researchers, qualitative researchers, academic researchers, education institutions, digital marketers, and go-to-market teams get the most value out of Speak.  

We want you to be able to build the perfect plan that works for you and encourage you to play around with the custom calculator. If you’re just looking for a quick way to start using Speak, we recommend just going with the Starter Plan and you can always build a custom plan once you better understand what you need.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime (no retroactive refunds). Once you have cancelled, you will have access to Speak and all your files until the end of your subscription cycle.

Yes! You can change your plan anytime. When you downgrade/update, your new subscription will be applied in the following billing cycle.

Speak supports more than 70 languages for transcription! We also have many languages compatible with analysis and Speak Magic Prompts.

We continue to add more regularly!

You can view the full list of supported languages.


We love doing demos of Speak to ensure that you are set up for success. 

Use our dedicated Calendly link to meet directly with one of our team members. 


Speak does more than just transcribe and is a useful tool to analyze existing transcripts you may have.

If you decide to get professional or automated transcription in the future you can add to your account balance.

We have a team option that allows you to manage and share  account access with your team. There is a $5/user cost for each additional person you bring onto your plan.

We can offer discounts on monthly plans if you are an education institution, student or nonprofit. If you don't fit into one of those categories, there are great discounts available for all plans if you sign up for more than a month!

Check our dedicated Speak pricing page to learn more. 

Yes, of course! Speak offers many great options for exporting and customizing file types so you can the most value out of your transcriptions. 

We currently offer TXT, SRT, Word Doc, PDF, TXT, SRT, VTT, CSV and JSON file exports. 

You can learn more about exporting files from Speak in our dedicated guide

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