Analyze and transcribe audio and video. Extract insights from text. Transform your media into incredible assets for growth.

Hundreds of individuals and teams use our Speak platform and APIs to capture, analyze and distribute media. Improve research, knowledge management, marketing, communication and more. 

Our customers love us and we love them back.

Our Offerings
Work with a trusted and secure partner to harness the true power of media.

We’re a passionate and talented team of developers, analytics specialists, marketers and strategists with years of experience in helping individuals and organizations grow.

We’ve built an intuitive web application to help you capture, manage, analyze and distribute media. 

In addition to our web application, we’ve built powerful and flexible APIs to embed machine learning into your workflows.

Whether you want to capture and extract insights from media for research, health care, marketing, sales and more, our team is here and more than happy to help.

Have a custom solution you want to develop for managing media? Our team will make sure you’ve got the perfect setup. 

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Individuals are using Speak to take notes, create content, capture media and more while getting novel insights to help improve their personal and professional life.


Research, media, and mental health companies, and more are using Speak to better capture, analyze, enrich, and share their information for internal and public use.

Speak Embeddable Audio and Video Recorder


Speak Embeddable Audio and Video Recorder


Sentiment Analysis On Video
Sentiment Analysis On Video


Choose your growth plan

Each plan contains all the features in the previous plans plus the highlighted offerings!

Contact us today to save on annual plans. 



$ 0
00 Per Month
  • Audio, Video & Text
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Language Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Intelligent Search
  • Export SRT Captions
  • Live Chat Support


$ 15
99 Per Month
  • 1,440 Free Minutes
  • Discounted Transcription
  • Discounted Analysis
  • Transcript Editor
  • SEO-Optimized Player
  • Export PDF Reports
  • Email Support


$ 39
99 Per Month
  • 3,600 Free Minutes
  • 5 Team Members
  • Team Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Brand Customization
  • Export Word Docs
  • Training Session


$ 79
99 Per Month
  • 7,200 Free Minutes
  • 10 Team Members
  • Zapier Integration
  • API Key Access
  • Remove Watermarks
  • Media Player Analytics
  • Phone Support
1 %
Dark Data

Total data that is unused and contains essential insights for individuals and teams.

$ 1 +
Data Scientist Salary

The average cost for an individual or organization to hire a talented data scientist.

1 hours
Manual Analysis

The time it usually takes to manually transcribe and analyze a single hour of media. 

1 hours
Per Day

The average time a knowledge worker spends searching for the information they need. 


We offer a range of personalized products and services to help increase the value of your media assets by making them more accessible, interactive, and easy to understand. 

We implement media processing and analytics for individuals and organizations to improve marketing, research, performance and more. 

Some example customers:

Maya Health

By supporting evidence-based mental health practices, our goal is to help millions of people improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Ryerson University Zone Learning

A new model of experiential learning built to allow students to apply their degree coursework to real world startups, causes, companies, projects or ventures. 

London Economic Development Corporation

The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is the lead economic development agency for London, Canada. Established in 1998, LEDC is a not-for-profit organization that is funded by the City of London through a Purchase of Service Agreement.

Microdose Media

A leader in virtual events and media in the emerging alternative mental health and wellbeing industry.

Customer Locations

Right now, most of our customers are in Canada and the United States. however we have users and customers from all across the world. 

Customer Industries

Writing & Editing, Online Media, Music, Biotechnology, Health, Wellness & Fitness, Alternative Medicine, Media Production, Medical Practice, E-learning, Mental Health Care, Entertainment, Computer Software, Internet, Education Management, Research, Marketing & Advertising, Publishing, Information Technology & Services, Market Research, Public Relations & Communications

Customer Skills

Marketing Management, Clinical Research, Qualitative Research, User Interface Design, Research, Digital Marketing, Qualtrics, Design Research, Marketing, Healthcare, Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing, Quantitative Research, Customer Insight, Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methodologies, Research Design, Research and Development (R&D), Online Research, Product Marketing, Market Research

Customer Job Titles 

Media Manager, Search Marketing Manager, Senior Research Analyst, Digital Media Planner, Digital Media Coordinator, Senior Media Analyst, Internet Marketing Analyst, Research Analyst, Insights Analyst, Media Specialist, Research And Development Specialist, Research And Development Engineer, Researcher, Associate Researcher, Senior Market Research Analyst

Customer Interests

Business Intelligence, Computer Software, Sound Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Programming, Health, Business Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing and Advertising, Data Management, Information Technology

We care about this deeply. Even as a small team we have prioritized privacy and security. We store valuable, private information on Speak too. 

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. Companies that deal with protected health information (PHI) must have physical, network, and process security measures in place and follow them to ensure HIPAA Compliance.

We have finalized HIPAA Compliance to show our dedication to privacy, security, and your data. 

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What’s Next

Android & iOS Recording Apps!

We are finalizing the first iteration of our phone applications. They will be live soon! 

You can check out our launch pages for Android and iOS and subscribe to be notified about testing opportunities, our launch, and the latest updates!

Meta Insights

With Speak, we are able to capture location, weather, time of day and more. These insights can give you an entirely new set of data points to get novel insights from.

Organizations can use the meta-insights to segment their media for smarter storage, analysis and distribution. 

Google Chrome Extension

With the help of an upcoming Speak Chrome extension, you will be able to continuously capture what you type to get automatic insights from emails, notes, content and more.

You can learn more about the Google Chrome Extension Release.

Dashboard & Email Reports

If you could get a report with insights into what you wrote every day/week/month, what would be valuable for you to know? 

Primarily we are looking at ways to:

– Help you become more aware

– Enhance your communication skills

– Monitor and improve your well-being

-Measure and maximize your productivity

Custom Insights Extraction

Now, in general, what do you want to learn from your conversations, notes, research, media and more?

Whether you want to analyze your own or other’s communication-driven media, you have the ability to do it with Speak. 

– We are redesigning the frontend of our application to provide you with a seamless, beautiful, and healing user experience. 

– We are improving our sentiment analysis to go beyond just positive and negative. Our next iteration will include joy, anger, disgust, surprise and fear. This opens up entirely new insights and ways to interact with media.

– We are continuing to release a deep suite of integrations including powerful tools like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Calendars, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other conferencing platforms.

We have more exciting things on the way. As always, we would love it if you checked out the application yourself or share it with others.

Capture. Analyze. Share. Excel.

Harness the latest breakthroughs in technology to turn every media file into an asset for growth.