How To Analyze Your Competitor’s Videos

How To Analyze Your Competitors Videos - Field Trip Health

Why Is This Valuable?

While there are many tools and software available that allow you to analyze the performance of your competitor’s videos, there are very limited options that enable you to analyze the content of the videos.

With Speak, you can take the URL of YouTube videos or the files of your competitor videos and automatically transcribe and analyze them.

By default, Speak will provide you insights around keywords, topics, brands, people and more, you also have the ability to create your own custom categories and insights that are relevant to your organization. 

Current Competitive Video Intelligence Software

Unbox Social

Track performance of your competitors on social media platforms and see what content is working in the industry. Unlock key strategies of your social media competitors and gather the required competitive intelligence. Ensure you are always a step ahead with Unbox Social’s competition tracking tools.


Save time and impress clients with in-depth YouTube analytics
Grow your brand on YouTube, track performance and easily create reports.

Wondershare Influenex

InflueNex is a helpful influencer marketing tool for Analyzing, searching, and managing YouTubers. With the help of this YouTube analytics tool, you’re able to learn your competitors’ channels and videos with detailed information.


This YouTube analytics tool helps you increase social media engagement, conduct competitive analysis to track competition, discovers new content ideas for your target audience. You can use it to leverage your foothold in YouTube.

Social Blade

SocialBlade helps you gain YouTube insights and enables you to understand how your rival brands fare. You can learn from them and enhance your own strategy to beat them.


Your best friend on the road to YouTube success.
TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.


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How To Harness Speak For Analysis of Competitors

 You can sign up for Speak for free using the link here.

Once you have created your account and logged in, you can add a balance or create a subscription. You can view our pricing page here which shares the details on available plans and the number of transcription and analysis hours included.

If you have an hour video, it will take around an hour to transcribe and analyze.

Once the analysis is done, you will be alerted through an email notification that contains a high-level view of some of the insights.

You can then login to your Speak account and review the video.

Speak generates an interactive media player that contains insights, the transcription, data visualization, export options and ways to share.

These insights can be used in individual media from your competitors or multiple files over time. 

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