Quarter 1 2021 Update

I hope you and your loved ones continue to find joy and growth!

As always, the team and I are so grateful for all your support on this journey.

Please let us know if there is anything we can ever do to help you out.

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through April of 2021.

With that in mind, I wanted to reconnect and share our most recent update with you!
The link to the full PDF is here.

A Summary For You:

What Does Speak Ai Do Again?

Speak's automated transcription and analysis helps individuals and teams unlock insights from media, improve the research process, grow search engine rankings, and make better decisions.

Customer Testimonials

โ€œWe love the product. It saves us hours and hours of work.โ€

โ€œI had 10 one-hour interviews that I needed to transcribe and analyze. Speak helped with that process immensely. Wishing you all the luck. I seriously think you have a winning product here.โ€

Exciting Things:

Business Growth

  1. Revenue increased by 30%.
  2. Our customers transcribed and analyzed 400% more hours of audio and video.
  3. We launched our human transcription service and managed 50 hours with our growing team of transcribers.
  4. We were featured in an Indie Hackers interview that was shared with thousands in their community.
  5. We added the talented marketer Nihal Mandanna C.P. and product manager Leon Li to our team. Feel encouraged to say hello ๐Ÿ˜Š

Product Engineering:

Video Office Hours

  1. Users can now access in-app recording to capture and create original content!
  2. Our team improved the embeddable player with newly customizable and shareable word clouds, sentiment, and graph visualizations.
  3. We enhanced our Word Doc and PDF reports to include better-formatted transcriptions and data displays.
  4. We built our first-ever Google Chrome extension to help users automatically import and analyze content from web pages.
  5. Users can now integrate a WordPress integration to publish content immediately from within Speak.
  6. We shared new insights for users for instant analysis including filler words, action items, emotions, and more.

What's Next:

Real-Time Clip

  1. Improving our real-time speech-to-text system to enable live creation, interactive experiences, and therapeutic feedback.
  2. Adding better bulk media management functionality including CSV import, multiple file export and more.
  3. Enhancing security and data control to continue our focus on providing insights while honouring and fostering privacy.
  4. Helping users customize data analysis and compare multiple media files at once.

If You'd Like To Contribute:

  1. Join our growing Slack Community!
  2. Introduce us to great potential customers and investors
  3. Be an early adopter of our Google Chrome Extension
  4. Log in to Speak and share your feedback - we value it a lot.

We also recorded a Quarter 1 Report reflection as part of our Office Hours series!

Video Office Hours

You can view it and all our Office Hours sessions on YouTube. You can also listen on Spotify, Google, and Apple.

It would be wonderful to connect anytime you see it as worthwhile.

Thank you again. Have an amazing rest of your week!

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