Speak Ai vs Dovetail

Speak Ai is a great research repository alternative to Dovetail that offers white labeled solutions, professional transcription and an available API. 

Have you been looking for a research repository software platform that lets you efficiently manage all your interview data in one place?

We’re glad we’re on your list and wanted to help you make the best choice for your needs. 

You’ll find a detailed explanation of what we do at Speak Ai and why you should consider using us as an alternative to Dovetail.

While Dovetail does amazing work and their research repository functions incredibly well, there are still a lot of manual tasks that need to be done before you gain useful insights. 

Speak, drastically cuts down on that manual work so you spend more time producing insights instead of data cleaning.

Try Speak's no-code transcription and natural language processing.

Use AI, intelligent search and data visualization to unlock meaningful insights from audio, video & text. 

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Do more than just UX research

While Dovetail does a great job of targeting and building a system that works well for UX researchers, Speak aims to make it easy to do research regardless of your role.

Speak is used for personal research, market research, data scraping and is generally just more versatile when it comes to viable data sources you can pull from. 

That’s not to say you can’t use Speak as a UX research repository as well. 

We have all the tools you need to capture interviews and directly import them into Speak, store and analyze interview by project and easily share your research repositories with your stakeholders. 

Get AI generated insights from your data

Dovetail works great as a user generated research repository, however the insights you gain from the system are still highly dependent on individual contributors. 

The problem with this is that different people may perceive the same set of insights differently leading to different interpretations and tagging systems that may not be standardized across teams. 

With Speak, you can set up custom categories in addition to the default insights that are pulled automatically for you as more media is added to your account. 

For instance, instead of manually tagging every time someone mentions a specific brand, problem, name or topic, you can train Speak to extract that information for you across every single file in your repository. 

Get automated transcription with a human touch

Automated transcription is great and greatly simplifies the transcription process, but it’s unfortunately nowhere near perfect. Even the most high quality audio only really nets you up to 95% accuracy. 

Now while this might be sufficient for general use, most sensitive research and documentation requires 100% accuracy. In such cases taking a semi-automated approach to transcription is a good way to go. 

We have a vetted and experienced transcription team who transcribe and QA all requests submitted through Speak. We are fully HIPAA compliant and take every possible step to make sure your information is secure. 

Build a system that works for your team

Training team members on new software is always a difficult proposition and can lead to a whole host of logistical issues. 

Everything you do through Speak can be implemented and adapted to your existing workflows through the use of Zapier and native integrations. 

Don’t want to bother your CEO with setting up a new account for them? Simply integrate their Zoom account with Speak and they never have to look at it again. 

Or let’s say you have a huge suite of stakeholders where it isn’t feasible to constantly create new user accounts to give them access to research data? 

Simply use our Shareable Media Library that gives you the power of a repository with the convenience of a Youtube-like video experience.  

Use our APIs to build your own tools

Do you have the technical expertise or have developers on staff? 

You can connect with our Speak APIs to capture and analyze audio, video and text seamlessly.

We have a highly technical team on hand who can help with any custom implementation, enterprise solutions or product ideas that you would like to build. 

tl;dr – Summary of Speak Ai vs Dovetail

We’re big believers in giving people the information they want in a concise and insightful way.  It’s why we created Speak Ai in the first place after all. 

If you’re looking for an automated research repository experience with interview capture, NLP, sentiment and custom implementation built in, you’ll love Speak. 

However, Dovetail is a good option if you intend to do most of your work manually. 

Speak Ai is for you if: 

  • You need an all-in-one solution for transcription, sentiment analysis and data analysis of various media
  • You want the power of deep learning to analyze your uploaded content in a meaningful way
  • You want a full customizable way to share entire media libraries securely
  • You want to easily create shareable assets to assist in your research briefs
  • You want integrated professional transcription to clean up your transcripts

Dovetail might be for you if all you need is: 

  • Manual coding
  • No API access
Speak Ai vs Dovetail - Your newest research repository solution

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