Speak Ai vs Rev

Speak Ai is a Rev alternative that analyzes your data for you. Use Speak to get crucial insights, sentiment analysis and make your media more accessible. 

If you’re here, it means that you’ve been trying to find a transcription service that ticks all the boxes for your needs. We’re glad we’re on your list of top choices and want to help you make the right decision. 

You’ll find a detailed explanation of what we do at Speak Ai and why you should consider using us as an alternative to Rev. 

There’s also a top level overview for anyone who just wants a quick summary. 


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Turn your transcripts into shareable content

Rev does a comparable job when it comes to both their human and automated transcription offerings. However, that’s really where the extent of their usefulness to your business stops. 

You can use Speak Ai to get high-quality automated or human transcriptions but we know that transcripts by themselves aren’t always useful marketing enough. 

The magic of Speak comes from converting your audio, video and text files into shareable content, through word cloud, bar charts, automated summaries. If you are focused on publishing content, you can also harness a direct WordPress integration to create SEO optimized content using your transcriptions.  

Import audio, video & text from your favorite platforms

Another reason to choose Speak as an alternative to Rev is to transcribe and analyze more than just your own content. 

You can use Speak Ai to upload audio, video or text files from any of your favorite platforms. Just grab any publicly available URL and upload the link to our platform. 

Within a few minutes you will have a host of information generated for you – transcription of your audio or video and an insightful breakdown of content. You can also use Speak to analyze any text articles giving you an easier way to skim through and find key moments or useful information. 

Full text integration

Using Speak you can aggregate your text data from all language-based sources and generate useful insights across various media natively within our platform. Whether it is transcripts, notes, web content, analyzing the text is crucial to gather insights and make valuable decisions. 

Your content no longer has to live in a silo. Turn your video and audio into easily searchable text transcripts that improve retrieval, analysis over time and accessibility. For marketing the embeddable player and on-page SEO allows users to interact with your content how they prefer.  

Extract quantitative data from your media

You can set up custom categories with your target vocabulary as both keywords and phrases to identify industry-relevant terms and mentions. 

When you set these custom categories up, Speak can categorize, label and provide numeric and percentage-based data on long-form conversations, interviews, text notes and more. By breaking down your qualitative data into quantifiable insights, this enables you to add an extra data layer to your analysis. 

Build your own products using our Speak APIs

Collaboration has the power to bring out new ideas and push us all forward. 

Are you a developer? Looking to develop your own tools?

Connect with our APIs to capture and analyze audio, video and text. 

Zapier integrations to connect with hundreds of applications

Having the power to automate various aspects of your life and workflow greatly empowers you to spend your time on more productive activities. 

We’re building out a whole suite of Zapier integrations to allow you to connect Speak to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Twilio and WordPress to name a few. 

Feel free to check out our available integrations and try us out. You can also sign up for updates as we roll out new features.

tl;dr – Summary of Speak Ai vs Rev

We’re big believers in giving people the information they want in a concise and insightful way. It’s why we created Speak Ai in the first place after all. 

If you’re looking for semi-automated transcription services with keyword, sentiment and insightful analysis, you’ll love Speak. 

With all the extra features plus integrated analysis you can find within Speak Ai, it’s tough for us to recommend using Rev instead. Though if you need captions for your video or foreign subtitles, Rev would be a good choice at this time. 

Speak Ai is for you if: 

  • You need an all-in-one solution for transcription, sentiment analysis and data analysis of various media
  • You want the power of deep learning to analyze your uploaded content in a meaningful way
  • You have an interest in uploading and analyzing competitor content
  • You want to improve your website accessibility and allow your users to interact with your content the way they prefer’

You might be better off using Rev if all you need is: 

  • Captions for your content
  • Minimal data and insights

If you still need to read more before you make a decision, head back to the alternatives page. 

Try Speak free for 14 days, no credit card required

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