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Automatically capture, analyze and share audio, video and text.

One-Time Install. Endless Insights.

Capture Typing

Analyze the text you are typing throughout the day to get novel insights.

Analyze Audio & Video

If there is a video or audio file on the page with a public URL, you can use Speak to automatically analyze it!

Analyze Webpages

On most websites, you are able to analyze the text. Lots more text analytics coming soon!

Speak Embeddable Audio and Video Recorder

Get AI-Powered Insights

Automatically get valuable insights from your Speak entries.

Export & Share Media

Export your notes into popular formats like PDFs, SRTs and more!

Collaborate & Share

Don't grow alone! Speak helps teams improve together.


Individuals are using Speak to take notes, create content, capture media and more all while get never-before seen insights to help improve their personal and professional life.


Research, mental health, media companies and more are using Speak to better capture, analyze, enrich, and share their information for internal and public use.

Grow with Speak.

Invaluable insights

With so much information being generated each day, Speak can use AI to help you identify patterns that are almost impossible to do personally. We don't just look at one entry we look at all.

Private and secure

Speak is a modern cloud-based platform built with industry-standard technologies and services, ensuring enterprise-grade reliability, security and data protection for our users.

Well-organized information

We're intuitively combining text, audio, and video with our automated analysis of media for a beautiful new way to manage and understand your information. Save time and frustration.

Improved research

Whether you are a qualitative researcher analyzing interviews or an individual trying to improve your own life, Speak can help. Capture, analyze, and review media like never before.

Powerful speech-to-text

Speech-to-text is some of the foundational technology built in Speak to instantly turn your thoughts and media files into more accessible, valuable information.

Growing list of integrations

We're constantly adding new integrations into your favourite tools including Zapier, Google Chrome Extensions, WordPress, and more! Improve and extend your existing workflow with Speak.

Capture. Analyze. Excel.

We’re building technology to help you enhance your life.
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