How To Use Sentiment Analysis For Audio & Video

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can actually use the sentiment analysis in both audio and video files. So starting from the login screen, all I have to do is sign in, taken to the dashboard and as always I’m sort of choosing the video and on let’s see if I can find a little bit longer video. This is awesome. Actually this is a video of a great friend who left some feedback for us and what I can actually do. We can see the insights here, but now I can go into the area. That is labelled sentiment. And what we’re actually seeing is a chart, and in this chart, we can actually see sort of the breakdown of sentiment over time.

And then if you see I can hover, you’ll actually see the areas that are positive an negative, so you know really we can start to see some peaks of what it is. I might have to zoom in to get that and to show you the zoom in all I have to do is go here and then I can start to see. Basically, starting the things that are starting to be more positive or negative, so maybe there’s something you know it wasn’t really committed.

Could start to sort of zoom in on different areas and actually see that throughout the video, and then I can drag back across here and actually bring it all the way out. So really good for identifying you know moments of positively and negatively. Throughout the video. The next step is actually just being able to let you click and then you will navigate through to that specific moment and then the other part here is actually the score area and what you can do is actually see how we’re measuring the sentiment.

And basically what we see is little sad faces for more negative sentiment. And then if I sort here, you can actually see more positive faces. So wow, this is cool and it brought analytics is good. You know we started to see some of the happier sentences. And then if I go back this way, actually go by order and then this is now the most negative ones. So I you know some swear words.

Sorry for anyone watching this, but this is really the way that we’re using sentiment. For audio and video and you can see the video start to populate here and some stuff that he’s looking at in our own app and the next part again will be the clickable piece. So as I go and see.

Oh not the greatest picture I can click and it will navigate through to that specific moment and that will allow you to then jump around much quicker into positive and negative moments in the video, so I hope you find this valuable. We’re going to increasingly improve the sentiment analysis algorithms so that they are more accurate for you and then provide a lot more. New once in the way that you can navigate through the video and audio files that you have as well as the text notes that I will cover in another video. Thank you so much.

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