How To Upload A Video File On Desktop

Hey there this video I’m going to show you how you can upload a video file through speak so all you have to do is sign in. You’re taken to the dashboard area and then I can go and hit upload. You can see the upload screen in this video. I’m just going to show you how you can actually do a file upload so all I have to do is hit browse this sort of Meta. It’s how to create a text note video. I’m going to drop it into our system. You’re going to see the duration, the amount, the status. Once everything looks good, you can actually choose the option if you want the insights and transcription. Or just the transcript and then you can also edit the name if you want, and then you can also choose different languages. We will be adding more soon and then you can see some size details. All I have to do is hit confirm and pay. You can see the actual calculated total there. It’s going to show us the options for. How we can pay one of them being a credit card and then the other one being your speak balance, which you will have if you actually have an account you have allotted amount of hours or time, so for this I’m going to hit the speed balance. I’m going to confirm transactions success. Please wait. This in a second well sort of pop and say we’re preparing your insights now. Please go to your video audio page. So if I go to my video page we can see it. The video is right here and it’s actually analyzing in a few minutes. This video will come back. You will get your insights. You will get your transcription and you can start to manipulate and play with it. And a lot of different ways. Hope this works and hope this helps you. Thank you.

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