How to Visualize and Analyze Your Evernote Notes

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This is a feature coming soon that will enable Evernote users to bulk import their notes into Speak for analysis and visualization.

Why Is This Valuable?

Evernote is one of the most widely used notetaking applications in the world.

Many people use Evernote for personal and professional work, with writing and journaling being a core functionality.

There are many insights from not only what we write about, but how we write, when we write, and for how long.


Our Founder's Love For & Frustration With Evernote

To be clear: I have major love for Evernote. I was a power user for many years.

It's not just Evernote. It's almost all note-taking applications. It is amazing to have a widely accessible tool for taking notes. But after more than 6 years of using Evernote, I and our team knew there were more possibilities.

How could I write, take notes, share how I was feeling, what was stressing me out, what made me happy and more, and not get any insights back into myself?

This compounded when I went through a difficult period in my life. Because I took notes and journaled so often, the question turned from an interesting idea to "wow, there are things within my notes that could actually help. Not just to survive, but to thrive and become the best version of myself".

So, over several years, I conceptualized and then starting building the system known as Speak today.

I hope, as a passionate Evernote user, note-taker, and someone who knows the power of journaling, that you see as much beauty and opportunity as we do. 

Ways To Analyze

We think in three layers: analysis of the notes you are writing, meta-analysis of how you wrote those notes, and deep search ability to find anything you are looking for.

Typing Coffee Plant

Note Analytics

Note analytics from Speak currently include:

- Note, word and character count

- Your most popular keywords and phrases

- Named-Entity Recognition to automatically identify points of interest like people, locations, brands, and more 

- Sentiment analysis to find moments and trends of positivity and negativity


- Insights into the time of day/day of week/time of year you write

- What weather you create the most notes and write the most

- What cities and locations you create the most notes and write the most

Deep Search

Deep Search

- Deep search to help you find sentences that contain anything you are looking for

- In Evernote, you can only pull up the note titles that contain words. We are enabling you to pull up the actual sentence. For example, find every sentence you asked a question, used the word "feel", "but", because and more. You can even get metadata and sentiment analysis on those sentences!


We cannot intuitively import all notes into Speak. We are not focusing on images, or bookmarks, or drawings.

We are focused on writing and communication-driven notes, whether you are communicating with yourself or others.

For example, journals, notes from meetings, content, blogs, and emails.

Importing From Evernote

We import:

- Title

- Tags

- Created Date & Time: MM/DD/YYYY 12:00 PM

- Updated Date & Time


- Location (If Set): Longitude & Latitude

- Author

- Last Edited By

Things To Think About:

The date that you imported Evernote notes into Speak doesn't really matter. What matters it the original creation date, time and details.

By maintaining the original creation date and time you can go back and get extraordinary insights into your writing and note-taking habits.

Additionally, because Evernote also includes longitude and latitude details with a lot of your notes, we can also connect that to cities, historical weather and more!

Some Early Examples:

With our current export and analysis method, we have already generated some fascinating insights!

Here are just a few that we've discovered:

Recording Most
This shows recorded audio duration but can be applied as word count to Evernote notes.

- Time of day you wrote the most words

- Time of day you create the most notes

- Day of the week you wrote the most words

- Day of the week you create the most notes

Keywords mentioned over a self-defined period of time.

- Your most popular words

- Your most popular words by the time of day

- The cities and countries you're most productive in

- The weather you're most productive in

- The most popular people, locations, brands in your writing

Being Sad Over Time
Mentions of being sad visualized over time.

- Use of words and phrases over time visualized

Differentiators From Evernote

While we are building, in some sense, a note-taking application, we believe there several key differentiators between our platform and Evernote.

Focus On Analysis & Insights

Evernote has amazing features with bookmarking, drawing, OCR of text and more. At some point, we may start adding more features like this in, but really that is not our focus.

We know where our strengths and weaknesses are. We want to focus on the insights that come out of writing and all the metadata that can be generated from it to produce invaluable insights to help with awareness, well-being and productivity.

Team Collaboration Platform

Audio & Video 

We believe there is so much value in being able to record audio and video as part of the note-taking journey. More than that, there is an incredible richness to the information within these media types.

From the beginning, Speak has been built to enable users to import audio and video intuitively. It's not an add-on, it's part of the core experience.

By automatically transcribing and analyzing the audio and video, we can extract consistent insights out across all mediums including text. No more putting audio and video files in other apps, we have built a system to holistically combine them all. 

How To Visualize and Analyze Your Evernote Notes

Step 1:

Sign up for free with Speak! Here is the link to sign up.

Step 2:

Submit the form below! We will get in touch. We're currently doing the import and creating the dashboard manually, but this capability will be built into the app so you can do it automatically and instantly soon! 

What Do You Want To Know?

We have spent a lot of time on this but there are still endless possibilities. We would absolutely love to hear from you.

Join Us As An Early Adopter!

We believe note-taking, journaling, and knowledge management will continue to be crucial to our personal and professional success.

If you are interested in analyzing and visualizing your Evernote notes, as well as getting deeper meta-insights into your own work and writing, please connect with us below.

If you want to get access to an early dashboard to do your visualization, let us know and we will set you up!

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