The Best Market Research Companies In Canada

The Best Market Research Companies in Canada
The Canadian market is a diverse one, and companies need to be able to make the most of their customer’s preferences. This means knowing what they want, what they need, and how they use products. Though some companies have internal research teams that can collect data from surveys and focus groups, many rely on outside help from market research companies. No matter how you feel about it, market research is an important part of doing business. Whether you’re trying to figure out what your customers want or how best to approach a new demographic, there’s no avoiding it. To find out which Canadian market research companies are best suited for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best in the business.

Top 10 Market Research Companies In Canada

Market research is valuable for large and small businesses and individuals. It provides insight into the opinions and needs of your customers, which can help you make informed business decisions that will improve your bottom line. However, finding the right market research company to work with can be challenging. There are many companies out there offering similar services, but only a few will deliver the quality results you need. The following is a list of the best market research companies in Canada. These companies have been chosen for their excellent client service, innovative technology, and high-quality data.

1. Discovery Research

Discovery Research is a full-service research company that provides qualitative and quantitative solutions for different business needs. They have expertise in providing consumer behavior, brand perception, and product testing insights. They also offer survey design, data collection, analysis and report generation services.   Discovery Research   Discovery Research can do telephone surveys, postal surveys, internet surveys, as well as on-site interviews and audits. This company offers a comprehensive suite of research services.

2. CRC Research Inc.

CRC Research Inc is a market research company that specializes in helping companies make smarter decisions by understanding their customers. They have offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. CRC Research Inc. is a Canadian market research firm specializing in quantitative and qualitative research, survey design, data collection, research synthesis and analysis. CRC is the industry standard in field services across Canada, thanks to its 26 years of expertise in qualitative healthcare research and recruitment.

3. Craft Innovations

Craft Innovations is an industry-leading research and design agency that helps businesses of all sizes improve their customer experience through market analysis, user experience and interface design, and more.   Craft Innovations   Their ability to continually exceed customers’ expectations stems from the exceptional combination of their global reach, cross-industry commercial competencies, and skill in research & design approaches.

4. INOWE Canada Marketing Inc.

INNOWE is a full-service marketing agency specializing in consumer insights and brand strategy development. From Data Collection to Field Services, INOWE Canada Marketing has you covered with effective and simple marketing mix solutions for your market research. They work with clients across multiple industries, providing customized solutions to their challenges. Their approach includes qualitative and quantitative research, strategic planning, design thinking and digital transformation services.

5. Inertia Product Development

Inertia is a group of highly skilled product design, engineering, and production professionals focused on delivering exceptional solutions and dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service to their clients. To help entrepreneurs realize their visions and succeed, we collaborate with them while they develop new products. Inertia works with businesses in a wide range of sectors, including the food and agriculture industries, the healthcare sector (including medical devices), the manufacturing sector, and the clean technology sector.

6. Pearl Strategy And Innovation Design

Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design is a leading Canadian market research agency that helps clients develop strategies based on insights from consumers and employees.   Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design   The company’s headquarters are located in Oakville, Canada. In addition to its market research services, Pearl also provides strategic planning and brand development services for small businesses to help them grow strategically.

7. Grierson Consulting

Grierson Consulting is a company that provides business consulting services in Toronto, Canada. It is a market research and analytics firm that provides solutions to clients across Canada. The company offers training, on-site support, and guidance for businesses. They use a proprietary matrix to help organizations worldwide maximize growth prospects in areas like customer happiness and revenue generation. 2015 marked the beginning of operations for the company.

8. Lead Generators International

Lead Generators International is a global market research company that provides high-quality data to its clients. It has offices in Vancouver and Toronto. They make high-quality, expert cold calls on behalf of their customers to schedule sales-ready meetings, arrange demos, and register prospects for webinars and events. As experts, they put in the time and effort necessary to ensure that their customers receive a positive return on their investment from the appointments they set for them. The firm works with various industries, including healthcare, finance and retail. It also offers a comprehensive database for companies looking for people with specific skills or qualifications.

9. Purple Sales

Founded in 2010, Purple Sales is a Toronto, Canada-based business specializing in sales and leadership development for other businesses. Established in 2017, the company’s full-time workers focus on providing IT and manufacturing services to small and medium-sized enterprises. They provide services of market research, email marketing, and voice services.   Purple Sales   The company is well known for its expertise in customer experience management, customer satisfaction surveys, and business intelligence. The company helps companies understand their customers better by providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions.

10. Advanis 

Advanis provides its clients with insights and guidance backed by research, allowing them to make their most important marketing, business, and public policy choices with more confidence and less guesswork. This company provides an unparalleled blend of consulting knowledge and cutting-edge, effective data-collecting tools. They have state-of-the-art dashboards developed by their IT team to conduct surveys and compile reports. They’ve established a company big enough to handle international projects yet dynamic enough to give each customer individual attention. Advanis’ core competencies include brand equity, customer loyalty, sales performance, positioning/marketing strategy, product innovation and new product development.


The market research industry is growing in Canada. With more and more companies looking to invest in market research to help them make well-informed decisions. It is important to choose the right market research company for your needs. It is about choosing the right one and getting value for your money. The top 10 companies listed above are among the best in Canada. They can provide you with quality research services at an affordable price. With the help of Speak Ai’s transcription and natural language processing (NLP), marketing and research teams can transform unstructured audio, video, and text into strategic insights. The company’s proprietary technology allows it to extract complex content from any source, including audio-only recordings, video recordings or written documents. Now is your opportunity to be one of the 7,000+ people who use Speak Ai’s transcription and natural language processing services to get insight. If you want to make the best out of your unstructured data, discover untapped avenues of revenue, and continue doing what you love, you must sign up for a trial or schedule a demo.

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