The Best Customer Insights Platforms To Use In 2023

The Best Customer Insights Platforms To Use In 2023
By 2023, marketers will make data-driven decisions. The best customer insights platforms allow you to improve your marketing and much more.

Customer insights are the key to success in business today. They're what allow you to develop products and services that customers love and use, which translates into profits. However, it's not enough just to know what customers want—you also need to know how they feel about your brand and your products. This is where customer insights platforms come in.

A good customer insights platform will let you collect data from multiple sources, including surveys, social media, website analytics, and more. It will then help you analyze that data so you can make informed decisions about what direction your company should take next.

To help you find the right customer insight platform for your business, we've compiled a list of the top six options available today.

Customer Insights Platforms: Explained

A customer insights platform is a software solution that provides you with the ability to collect, store, analyze and report on your data. Customer insight platforms are designed to provide businesses with the information they need to make better decisions. They allow you to measure the success and failure of your marketing campaigns by analyzing your website traffic, social media activity, and other customer interactions. This allows you to optimize your campaigns so that they have maximum impact on your bottom line.


Customer Insights Platforms Explained


The best customer insights platforms can help you make smarter business decisions by understanding your customers better. They also help marketers identify new growth opportunities and improve their customer experience.

A good customer insights platform will give you access to data from multiple sources, including web analytics tools, CRM systems, and eCommerce platforms. This makes it easier to combine data from different sources so that you can get a more holistic view of your customers’ behavior — something that isn’t always possible with individual tools alone.

Why Should I Use A Customer Insight Platform?

We live in a digital age where we are constantly interacting with brands online via social media and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay. You can’t afford to know what people think about your brand or how they feel about it. Not only will this enable you to better understand what makes people buy from you or not but it will also provide valuable information about your customers’ behavior patterns so that you can predict future sales based on current trends and needs.

The data generated by a Customer Insight Platform is essential for any business, especially those that are highly dependent on the customer experience. This information can be used to improve your website design and layout so that it’s more appealing to customers; improve your products by understanding what features people want or need, and enhance your marketing campaigns by knowing exactly what messages resonate with consumers.

Key Features Of Customer Insights Platforms

Here are some key features to look for when choosing a customer insights platform:


Key Features Of Customer Insights Platforms


Centralized Data Collection

A good customer insights platform will be able to collect data from a variety of sources including web analytics, third-party social media and CRM tools, email marketing tools, surveys, and more. All of your data should be accessible in one place so that you can easily pull reports and analyze the information.

Automated Analysis

Customers are always changing their preferences, which makes it important to have automated analysis so that you can get updates on changes to their behavior as soon as they happen, rather than after the fact.

Predictive Analytics

Customer insights platforms should give you access to predictive analytics tools so that you can make data-driven decisions about your business strategy. Some platforms even offer AI capabilities that will help you predict customer behavior based on historical data.

Visualization Tools

A good customer insights platform will provide easy-to-use visualization tools so that even non-technical users can understand what’s going on with their business at a glance.

The Top 6 Customer Insights Platforms: An Overview

Customer insights platforms are a powerful way to make smarter decisions and improve your customer experience. They can help you gather real-time feedback, identify trends and patterns, and provide an overall understanding of your customers.

Here are six of the most popular customer insights platforms you should look forward to using in 2023:

1. Speak Ai

Speak AI is a customer intelligence platform that helps companies to generate insights from their data. It is an artificial intelligence-powered, end-to-end solution, which can help businesses to unlock the hidden potential of their customers, drive sales and reduce churn.


Speak Ai



The solution has been designed to be used by everyone in the organization – from marketing professionals to executives. This means that anyone can easily access the data and get insights from it.

With its robust features, Speak AI allows users to analyze large amounts of data in real-time and make quick decisions based on them. It also provides an easy way to share information with other team members to improve collaboration between departments and teams within the company.

2. Toluna

Toluna is an end-to-end service for gathering and analyzing user feedback. Toluna's customer research is made to help businesses thrive in the on-demand, global economy of the present day.

You may acquire your Net Promoter Score (NPS), market size, and a detailed account of your satisfied and devoted clientele, all from a single, unified service.

Toluna provides people and businesses of any size with comprehensive, trustworthy, real-time insights by using the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, professional knowledge, and the greatest global network of influencers at their disposal.

3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is another popular survey tool that businesses all over the world use to find out what customers and potential customers think. It features an easy-to-use interface along with advanced analytics tools that allow you to slice and dice data based on various factors such as demographic information or the geographic location of respondents within seconds after importing responses into your account.




SurveyMonkey allows companies to survey their existing customers about their experiences with specific products or services. The tool allows users to create surveys based on demographic information such as age, gender, location, and income level. This helps companies learn more about their customers’ needs and interests so they can tailor future products or services accordingly.

4. aggregates information from all of your primary channels, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Sheets, and Facebook Ads. Using data connections automates the process, allowing for the generation of actionable consumer intelligence. In other words, facilitates the consolidation of information from several locations into one convenient hub, updating this information several times daily. As a result, you can make informed advertising selections with the most recent information at hand. also assists with the visualization of your spending data alongside your revenue data, which enables you to derive essential insights regarding the performance of your campaign.

5. Data force 

With Dataforce, you can get all the juicy details about your rivals right now. It monitors thousands of websites for information on the competition and notifies you instantly of any changes. Having this information allows you to better target your sales pitches and counteract your competitors' strategies.

6. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a popular choice for many businesses looking for a simple yet effective customer insight platform. It allows users to ask questions directly from their website through surveys and pop-ups. So, instant feedback from visitors can help them improve their experience and become customers down the line.




The tool also provides data analytics reports on survey responses which can be used to identify trends across different demographics or geographical locations and segments of visitors who respond positively or negatively to certain questions or actions taken by your company.

Take A Way

For those who are looking for a customer insights platform that is easy to use, Speak Ai is a great option. The platform is used for both small and large businesses, with all the features you would expect from a larger company. It is also an affordable option compared with other platforms.

Speak Ai is one of the best customer insights platforms on the market today, making it easy to find new customers by analyzing their needs and wants.

Use Speak Ai to record and analyze your data, just as 7,000+ other people and organizations have done. To save time and effort, find new avenues for income, and continue doing what you love, sign up for a trial or schedule a demonstration today.

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