Canada AI/ML, Data Science & Engineering Digital Meetup

AI Meetup

We’re presenting tonight at the Canada AI/ML, Data Science & Engineering Digital Meetup at 6:00 PM EST. We’ll be speaking around 7:05 PM.

Our presentation is titled “Natural Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence”.

We hope to share some valuable insights on the opportunities and challenges of building and using technology for good to help people improve awareness, well-being and productivity. Can technology help us be better versions of ourselves or is that just a naive fantasy?

How do we capture information?

– The wide variety of possible inputs
– Accessibility and device compatibility challenges
– Limitations of different mediums

How can we analyze information?

– Real-time interaction vs post-processing
– Turning one medium into other mediums
– Challenges of language, culture, bias and accuracy
– Providing valuable insights instead of just more data
– Privacy and security challenges when sharing personal information

How can we best manage and share information?

– Dealing with a world of too much data
– Getting insights from one file vs many files over time
– What is best way for people to interact with data and media?

If you’re interested check out the Meetup group here:

Or, just get a free ticket for the event here!

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