10 Market Research Tools You Should Add to Your Software Stack (2021)

Market research software is a must-have for efficient and effective market research. Find out 10 of the best market research tools being used by millions of marketers today.

Market research is essential for any organization and should precede any marketing decision. At the same time, choosing the right market research tools that optimize ROI while minimizing costs is more difficult than it seems. 

With the number of options for market research software available it can be difficult to know which software would be the best addition to your existing stack.

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What a market research stack should have

Your market research stack should assist you in every step of the market research process. At the same time, these market research software should be affordable, easy-to-use, and preferably have APIs for better integration into your workflows. 

Data collection: Your data collection software should not only be able to gather vast amounts of data efficiently but also remotely. In a post-pandemic world, your market research tools should automate processes as much as possible while avoiding face-to-face interactions. 

Data analysis: Your market research stack should be able to identify trends and patterns in the data set. Common tools for analyzing data include sentiment analysis and keyword analysis.

Transcription services: Transcription services optimize your qualitative research workflow while providing accurate transcripts for further analyses. 

Knowledge management and collaboration: Knowledge management software (KMS) and collaboration tools are important for storing and sharing discovered insights to relevant stakeholders.

Without further ado, let us get into our 10 recommended market research software that you should include in your market research stack. 

Pricing: Starting from $25/month

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular survey creation and collection software available. Aside from its affordable price point, SurveyMonkey has an extensive collection of 150+ survey templates for any marketing research project.  

We recommend SurveyMonkey for your market research stack because of its reputation and extensive API integrations with most business software. Some of the popular tools that SurveyMonkey has integrations with include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Trello, Salesforce, and Shopify. 

Key features: 

  • Quick survey creation from 150+ templates
  • Streamlined workflows across teams
  • Capture, analyze, and export ROI metrics
  • Assess employee and customer engagement
  • Campaign concept testing
Credit: AMZscout

Pricing: Starting from $16.49/month

AMZscout is a powerful tool that helps you to find profitable niches and low-competition products on Amazon effortlessly. Moreover, you can use AMZscout to create monthly product trends, find low-competition product keywords, and monitor product performance in one convenient dashboard. 

One thing that makes AMZscout stand out is its reverse ASIN lookup function that allows you to view your competitors’ targeted keywords and how well they rank for those keywords. This competitive intelligence tool will not only help you to identify untapped opportunities for selling products but also gain an edge over your competitors. 

Key features: 

  • Extensive Amazon product database 
  • Competitor monitoring 
  • Keyword research and performance tracker
  • Extension for Chrome to view product data on Amazon’s pages
Credit: Zappi

Pricing: Pricing available upon request

Imagine being able to predict the performance of your creative campaigns before even testing them. Calling themselves as being ‘built by brands, for brands’, Zappi should be every marketers’ go-to solution for ad and innovation testing. 

Zappi has an impressive range of solutions for every stage of the advertising and product innovation stage. For instance, you can use Zappi to conduct advertising research, screen early concepts, predict the ROI of ideas, test them, and even perform in-market optimizations on the fly. 

Key features:

  • Ad performance prediction, testing, and monitoring
  • Idea screening and optimization
  • Evaluate and optimize product innovations
  • Automated analytics and reporting dashboard

Pricing: Starting from $15.99/month

One crucial aspect of market research is transcribing qualitative research into written text for further analyses. Speak is a transcription service that allows you to simultaneously transcribe, share, and analyze accurate transcripts all in one accessible media database. 

With Speak, you can produce precise data sets in minutes and gather actionable insights with our sentiment analysis and keyword analysis tools. Aside from its convenient file-sharing system, Speak also has 100+ integrations with many of your favorite apps, making it a great fit for any market research stack. 

Key features: 

  • Automated and human transcription 
  • Embeddable audio and video recorder
  • Text and sentiment analysis tools
  • HIPAA-compliant centralized media database
  • Integrations with most collaboration and note-taking software

Pricing: Free for starter plan with option to upgrade

Collecting data about your target segment’s demographics and core interests can take days, weeks, and even months. SparkToro provides that information in minutes with the click of a button.

Sparktoro is an audience intelligence tool that allows you to key in a specific keyword, brand, or website. Then, Sparktoro instantly collects and aggregates all the important data into one easy-to-use dashboard. You can use SparkToro to build a collaborator’s list, discover hidden outreach opportunities, and find out what social content areas you should focus your efforts on. 

Key features:

  • Demographic and online behavioral data collection
  • Twitter trending searches monitoring
  • Twitter followers auditing
  • Twitter profile influence and engagement analysis
Credit: BrandMentions

Pricing: Starting at $99/month

Social listening is important to understand how customers feel about your organization and their core interests. BrandMentions scours through the Internet and social media channels to find out how often, who, and how people are talking about your brand online. 

Aside from monitoring brands, BrandMentions also allow you to find out mentions about specific keywords going back up to 10 years. You can also use BrandMentions to find out the public perception of your brand or your competitors. Then, with this information, you can formulate a grounded strategy to improve brand awareness and overall brand image. 

Key features:

  • Keyword tracking 
  • Online mentions research
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • Real-time alerts and access to historical data

Credit: Tobiipro

Pricing: Available upon request

In recent years, marketers have begun to harness the usefulness of eye-tracking in market research. By recording eye movements with software such as Tobii, you can gain valuable insight into hidden consumer behavior and optimize your offerings for visual attention. 

Tobii is an industry forerunner and provides solutions to the market research, gaming, healthcare, extended reality, and automotive sectors. Tobiipro, their eye-tracking subsidiary for market research, has assisted Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook and Google for over 20 years. Some ways you can use Tobiipro in your market research stack include using it to optimize user experience, advertising, and product placements. 

Key products and features: 

  • Sticky, a self-service online survey platform with eye-tracking and emotion recognition
  • Eye-tracking glasses and monitors
  • Experimental research platforms

8. Google’s suite of tools

Pricing: Free for basic tools  / Enterprise pricing available upon request

The world runs on the Internet, and the Internet runs on Google. Google provides essentially every tool required for market research, from data management, survey creation and collection, keyword research, market identifier… the list goes on. 

You have the option to start with Google’s tools for small businesses free of charge. Then, if you’d like to scale up your market research, you can contact Google Marketing Platform for more in-depth solutions. 

Google’s tools are a must-have in your market research stack because of their seamless integration with each other. For example, you can export research results from Google Trends and Google Analytics into a Google Sheet before uploading into Data Studio for analysis. Not to mention the API integrations with popular collaboration tools such as Google Drive and Gmail. 

Credit: Guru

Pricing: Free for starter plan with option to upgrade

A market research stack isn’t composed of only data collection and analysis software. Knowledge management software (KMS) and collaboration tools are integral parts as well, especially with the advent of globalization and remote working teams. 

A KMS like Guru will ensure that your market research findings and other knowledge can be found by any employee from any department and from any part of the world. There are many alternatives available, but we recommend Guru for its usability and established company reputation.

Key features: 

  • Knowledge capturing, editing, and sharing
  • Knowledge boards
  • Browser extension
  • Integration with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and more

Pricing: Free for starter plan with option to upgrade

No app stack is complete without a project management tool such as Trello. Trello is by far one of, if not, the best project management tools thanks to its user-friendly interface. For market researchers, this means you can easily delegate and keep track of tasks throughout a research project. 

Key features:

  • Task boards with drag-and-drop cards
  • Progress meter
  • File and URL attachment 
  • Easily add labels such as assignee, time, and tags

tl;dr - Key Takeaways

Market research is essential for all organizations big and small. With the advent of market research software, market research has never been easier. As a result, many organizations are creating market research stacks to optimize their research workflows. 

A market research stack should assist you in every step of the market research process, from ideation, data collection, analysis, and knowledge sharing. Our 10 recommended market research tools that you should add to your stack are:

  1. SurveyMonkey
  2. AMZscout
  3. Zappi
  4. Speak Ai
  5. SparkToro
  6. BrandMentions
  7. Tobiipro
  8. Google’s umbrella of tools
  9. Guru
  10. Trello


While these market research software are our favorite picks, you should ultimately choose the ones that are the right fit for your business’s specific needs. Nonetheless, we believe that these tools are worth your consideration and will improve your work processes greatly. 

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