Speak Product Update March 2022 (1)

Speak Product Update: March 2022

Improved insights UI, better data cleaning and fresh analytics.

Hey everyone! 

Hope you've been taking care of yourself and having a great March so far. 

The team has been hard at work making changes to Speak that we hope adds value to your workflow. 

Here's a quick overview of some of the changes you can expect to see. 

What's New?

1. New UI for navigating through individual media insights

New insights UI - Speak

Use the new insights search box to find the specific insights you are looking for.

Just type in the insight category or word you need and receive only the most relevant results.

You can also navigate between the exact instances a keyword or topic appears in your media using the timeline that populates under the media player.

2. Include and exclude terms for more accurate datasets

Add or remove categories to improve accuracy of datasets - Speak

We know getting accurate insights is crucial to your work.

So we've made cleaning data easier then ever.

On your default categories page you can now include words that are important to your project and exclude specific words that you don't want appearing in certain categories.

This lets you have more control over how your insights populate across all your files.

3. A new central hub to manage media players and analytics

media player management and analytics - Speak

You can now manage individual players and libraries in one place.

Get media analytics and keep tabs on performance with a view counter.

Just navigate to the embed section in the sidebar and click on "Media" to see all your deployed embedded content.

4. Easily share your entire organized media library

share your entire media library with Speak - Speak Ai

You can share ALL the great media and insights you've collected in one click.

Simply hit the "Share" button on your folder hub page and get a shareable library that contains all your insights and media.

Anyone you share the library with has access to individual project files as well as project-wide insights.

Think of it as a central knowledge repository that can easily be used by a variety of stakeholders or presented as a deliverable.

5. Delete unwanted custom categories

No longer using a custom category?

You can now easily delete custom categories by using the new delete function that populates next to each category title.

Just hit the trash icon, confirm and you're good to go.

6. Get fresh insights straight to your inbox

get fresh insights straight to your inbox - Speak Ai

Upload a file and get insights emailed to you.

This email shows you the top insights from your media and even comes with a downloadable word cloud that you can use.

We're constantly trying to make this more useful so if you have any ideas on how to make this a better tool for you just reach out and let us know.

What's Better?

New authentication and registration UIs

new Speak Authentication and registration pages

Improved individual media insights display

improved media insights display - Speak Ai

Added navigation timeline for individual insights

navigation timeline for individual insights


As a final note, don't forgot to build your personalized plan!

It's been great seeing how many of you have enjoyed getting plans catered specifically to your needs and we are more than happy to keep building these for you.


Feel free to get in touch with anyone on the team if you have any questions. 

We always love talking to you and learning how to keep adding value to your workflow through Speak!

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