How To Analyze Gmail Emails Using Speak Ai Through Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a global remote company that allows end-users to integrate the web applications they use. Although Zapier is based in Sunnyvale, California, it employs a workforce of 350 employees located around the United States and in 23 other countries.

Zapier is a service that you can use to connect apps and automate different tasks, freeing up your team to work on more sensitive areas.

With Zapier, you integrate your other apps and then tell Zapier what you want to accomplish. Thankfully, it takes care of the integration and operations, so you’re not stuck with coding or needing to staff up on developers to keep things working.


 In this video, Tyler Bryden shows you how to automatically import Gmail emails into Speak Ai for text analysis.

Why is this valuable?

This creates valuable opportunities to improve awareness, productivity, and communication. Speak Ai not only analyzes invididual emails, it also aggregates information into your personalized dashboard to unlock entirely new insights that you can use to enhance performance every day.

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