Christopher Judge Best Performance Award Speech

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The best performance?Winner. Christopher judge. Regular. Shit.

Now I see why I couldn’t get more than a + 1. Thank you to the game awards. First of all, I have to thank my Mama. Who’s? Belief that I would amount to something good would never waver, even though it looked like I’d never amount to anything good my brother.

Who’s my hero? At 40. Changed his life. Went to medical school and is now doctor Judge. My children.

Who I am forever. Proud of. Forever thankful of and still the best role I’ve ever had is being your dad. Sony Santa Monica. Miss Yumi Yang.

It is an honor and a pleasure. To work. For you and with you, you are a Unicorn because you actually proved that for the first time ever. The trickle down theory actually worked. Cory Barlog thank you brother.

Thank you for. Believing in me and thank you for having me read for the role. I was the last actor in California to read for it. And Corey? Said to me he didn’t think I would do it.

And if I had known it was a video game back then, I might not. Boy, how things have changed. Matt. Rich. Dori Bruno, Erica B all.

Everyone who made that volume so special. And so sacred. Everyone. At every level. Be a designer, be it.

Whatever it was who worked. Under extraordinary conditions. To get this game out. There. Hmm.

Mr Eric Williams. I I think it’s kind of common knowledge that. We were honored to go to Tribeca after 2018. And when Cory took me outside and said he wouldn’t be directing the next one, I literally did quit. I quit.

And he said no. I vote for Eric. And I said. Eric Williams better be a beast. Eric Williams is a motherfucking beast.

I relate. To Cory. On. Kind of a artistic level A. Level of of that side of me.

Eric Williams and I. Are from such the same place two different parts of the country. Two different upbringings. But two from a very similar. Emotional place.

And. I’ll never forget. I guess I can’t say what it was, but it was something. That moved me. So deeply.

And. There’s a, there’s a time frame that. Cinematics have to fit into. Hopefully not speeches. And I I couldn’t reel it in.

And Eric came over to me. And he just hugged me. And just held me as I was sobbing. And then he said words I will never forget. OK, big guy, now give us one we can use.

To. This amazing, wonderful. Group of actors. Who? Brought as much or more.

Than I did. Every. Single day. I mean we were in there and the bravery of. This group of actors who share their. Heartache. Their loves, their lost loves, their loneliness.

I am so grateful and thankful. That. I got to spend all those days in that volume with you. This is for all of us. Sunny. I wasn’t lying. I voted for you.

Your work was astounding. You’re the future of this. Just never. Forget. The two things I hopefully gave you. Hire me.

Don’t be a douche bag. To every single person in this room, no matter what game it was, you touched. You are heroes because you got so many people in the world through a very difficult, dark time. That’s still not over. Games and the gaming community means so much to this world. There’s so much in the course of dreams and escapism and and just being better. Thank you. Thank you to Russell nominees. Have a great night. And I met Al Pacino.

Great moment, Chris judge. I think he was trying to give away a few extra steam decks as well. All right, it’s time to get the house gets rolling here at the game awards tonight. Many of the world’s top studios are here at the game awards to give you a glimpse at the exciting future video games in 2023 and beyond.

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