Speak Ai March 2022 Report

Record Highs, Conference Showcases & Big Q2 Ambitions

Hey there 😊

Sending you good energy as we kick off Q2 and spring!

Our entire team at Speak Ai is truly appreciative of all of your support.

Here is a summary of March to help you keep track of our progress at Speak Ai:

User Sign Ups


  • 516 new users (⬆ 34%)
  • $13,085 CAD total software revenue (⬆ 9%)
  • $10,193 CAD software MRR (⬆ 7%)


Collision Conference

Business Updates

  • Hand-selected to exhibit at this year's 2022 Collision Conference in the AI & ML section.
  • Nominated for 2022 London Chamber of Commerce's Business Achievement Award.
  • Chosen to present in the Startup Showcase at the Insights Platform AI Summit.
  • Launched precise paid advertising campaigns that immediately began driving conversions.
  • Strong increase in inbound interest from potential partners, investors and acquirers.


Individual Search Animated

Product Updates

  • Released a long-awaited UI improvement for quickly navigating individual media insights.
  • Enhanced data cleaning so you can better generate accurate tailored analyses and data sets.
  • Launched media player management and analytics to track the performance of your shared assets.
  • Updated the automatic email summary to include dynamic personalized word clouds.


Zoom And Speak

What's Next

  • A native Zoom integration to automatically analyze and transcribe your Zoom recordings.
  • Semantic search so that you can get valuable answers from Speak with Google-like search queries.
  • A referral/affiliate program so that you can benefit as we grow together.
  • Text capture, customizable fonts and screen recording options in your embeddable recorders.
  • Improved shared media analytics including specific insights interactions, location and time data and more.
  • Sentence structure insights to reveal valuable information in individual files and across all assets.


How You Can Contribute

  • Introduce us to great investors who lead and co-lead seed rounds (here is our most recent slide deck).
  • Connect our team with talented researchers and marketers managing large amounts of media.
  • Share your feedback on our website and application - we value it a lot!



It would be an honour to return the support. Just send me a note or use my Calendly to schedule a convenient time to reconnect.

Thank you again for everything! Enjoy the month ahead and have a great Q2.

All the best,

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