Shannon Sharpe Hall Of Fame Speech

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My Big Brother Sterling. I’m the only player. Of 267 million that’s walked through this. This building to my left. That could honestly say this. I’m the only Pro Football player that’s in the Hall of Fame and I’m the second best player in my own family. Your fate. Have dealt you’re a different hand. There’s no question. There’s absolutely no question in my mind. We would have been the first brothers to be elected to the Hall of Fame. The four to four men and women that I think congratulated early for giving me and bestowing this prestigious honors upon me. All I do is ask. All I can do is ask in the most humblest way I know how. Is that the next time you go into that room or you start making a list? Look at Sterling Sharpe’s accomplishments. That seven-year. But the guys that’s in the Hall of Fame at the receiver position and the guys that have the potential to be in this building, that’s all I ask. I don’t say hey. Just do that the next time you go in that room. Think about Sterling Sharpe number for seven years. That’s all I ask. Sterling, you’re my hero. My father figure, my role model. You taught me everything I know about sports and a lot about life. I never once lived in your shadows. I embraced it. I think this is where I start to get emotional. My granny see the guy that. Did that did this bust here? He went to school for that. He’s trained to bring clay to life with his hands. It’s my turn to bring Mary Porter to life with my voice. It’s time for me to give Mayor Porter a face. For all those that don’t know who she is. It’s my turn now. What do you say about a person that gives you everything but life? How do you start to say thank you, Granny? For a woman that raises nine of her kids and your mom 3. And she sacrificed more for her grands than she did her own. You see, my grandmother was a very simple woman. She didn’t want a whole lot. My grandmother wanted to go to church and Sunday school every Sunday. She wanted to be in Bible study every Wednesday. And the other day, she wanted to be in a fishing Creek. It was my brothers and our job. To make sure she can do that for the remaining days of her life. My the only regret. That I have in my 43 years that I never told my grandmother. Just how much you mean to me? See my grandmother and grandfather. They raised me and I hung on everything they say, but they didn’t know it. I can tell you every time that my grandmother’s ever been said it upset at me. I can tell you why. My brother never knew that everything he said that I hung on it. I wanted to be so much like my brother. That when I went to college. My brother’s first college girlfriend. When I went to college, my first college girlfriend looked exactly like he is. And the one story I want to leave you with to tell you why I became this person when I was 12 years old. I told my mom, I said, mom, I’m gonna have some money one day and I’m going to buy you a Mercedes. And I did. When I came and I asked my grandmother, I said, Granny, what do you want? She always called me her baby. She never called me by my name. I said you want me to buy you a car and teach you how to drive? She said no, son, I don’t, son, I don’t want that. I said, Granny, do you want jewelry? She said no, son, I don’t want that. She’s a son. I want a decent house. And I’m thinking, I said. Well, my grandmother want seven 8000 square feet. But then I knew my grandmother, knowing her like I know her. After pausing for five or six minutes, I said Granny, what are these? Home? And I remember it like yesterday and it was 30 plus years ago. She says, son, I want a decent home, and her words verbatim is. She said. Son, I wanna go to bed one night. And she said, I want God to let it rain. It’s hard as you possibly can. And I want him to let it rain all night long. As you said, I wanna wake up and not be wet. That’s a decent home for my grandmother. That’s all she wanted. See, for 66 years, my grandmother never went to bed and have it rained and not be wet the next morning. See, I remember those days of putting the plastic coats on the bed and I’m going to date myself the croaker sacks. But now we call them burlap bags. I remember that. I remember putting the pots and pans on the floor to catch the rain water. The very pots and pans that we’re going to cook in the next day. I remember that. It broke my heart that my grandmother that all she wanted, she got 2 grand boys that’s making a million of dollars and she wanted the house that wouldn’t leak. That’s all she wanted. That’s all my grandmother wanted. For two boys that’s making millions and all you want is a decent house. You wanna go to bed? And not get wet when you wake up. That’s what drove Shannon. That’s what got me here. See my grandmother. If you give your man a word, you give a man your word, you do what you say you’re gonna do. See, when my grandfather died, I didn’t miss. I missed one day. I missed the day of the funeral. My grandmother didn’t believe in that. If you promise somebody you gonna do something, you do it. And if my grandmother was laying in that casket on Wednesday, on Saturday morning? I walked over to her. And I asked her two things. I asked her two things, I said. Granny. Am I the man you thought I would be? When you got on the train and you came to Chicago and got me at three months and by the man you thought I would be. And I stood there for about 20 seconds and I can see her smiling. And then I asked her. Are you proud? That’s great. You’re proud of your baby because everything I’ve done in my life. I’ve tried to please you. I know my grandmother’s proud. I know my family’s proud. This day means so much to me. Because I get to share it. With that guy right there.

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