Screen Share, Collect Text Files & Capture Anonymous Submissions With The Speak Embeddable Recorder

We are very excited to share three new awesome updates to one of Speak's most popular solutions the embeddable recorder.

Collect Screen Shares For Visual Feedback

This enables you and your submitters to share their screens while recording videos for visual feedback, testimonials, content and more.

Upload And Analyze Text Files From Anywhere

With this new release, users can now upload Word Docs, PDFs and TXT files through the recorder.

Speak will instantly analyze the file to unlock search, navigation and visualization of the insights within the uploaded files.

Capture Anonymous Recordings

Many of you have asked for the ability to turn off the required name and email fields on the recorder. So, we did!

You can now capture anonymous recordings using the recorder so you can collect valuable data without infringing on the privacy of recorders.

Check Out The Embeddable Recorder

Speak can instantly analyze captured files to unlock search, navigation and visualization of the insights.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try the brand new recorder today!

Get a 7-day fully-featured trial.

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