Your Year In Speak 2022

We share insights on the "Your Year In Speak" personalized review campaign that was shared with 9,500+ Speak users.

We had so much fun putting together a Year In Speak Review!

Every Speak user got a personalized report of their activity in 2022.

We also shared some overall stats. The one that really stuck out to our team was that over 51 million words were analyzed in 2022!

Thank you to the Speak Ai team for putting this together and to every Speak user who inspires us daily.

The Final Email

Hey Tyler,

Congratulations on making it through a wild year in human history!

To celebrate together, here is a summary of your year in Speak:

June 6th 2019

The day you signed up on

That means you have been with Speak for 1,303 days!

Thank you so much for being here.

193 Files

The number of files you analyzed

That is 324,425 words and 28.32 hours of audio and video.

August 24th 2022

Your busiest day in Speak

You uploaded 3 files with 12,269 words and 1.11 hours of audio and video.

You are one busy bee 🐝

53.03% Positive

Your average positive sentiment per file

That’s a whole lot of positivity in 2022!

2 Recordings

The total recordings you received from 2 recorder

Embeddable recorders help you capture audio and video from almost anywhere.

Explore It All!

Click the button below to explore your 2022

You’ll be sent to the Speak Explore Insights page.

All Together Now!

Thanks to you, Speak grew bigger than ever this year

Here is a summary of the activity from 9,500+ Speak users:

  • 70,087 files were uploaded
  • 4,573 hours of audio and video were transcribed
  • 51 million + words were analyzed
  • 1,036 recordings were captured through embeddable recorders

A Sneak Peek At 2023

We’ve got an amazing year coming in 2023 including advancements in:

  • Speak Magic Prompts to bring incredible generative AI to Speak
  • Automatic data comparison to unlock even more valuable insights
  • Pricing to make Speak more accessible to great people like you

Thank you as always for your continued support.

We look forward to continuing the journey with you in 2023!

All the best,

The Speak Ai Team

Have a fantastic start to 2023.

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