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Create, analyze, organize, share, and retrieve text like never before. Harness the power of text analysis to generate insights on a massive scale for your content, awareness, well-being and productivity. 

Technology built to produce your best work

Sentiment Analysis

Copy and paste previous notes or write directly within the platform. Analyze your text after or in real-time.

Note Templates

We're constantly adding templates for notes to help you structure your thoughts, meetings, journals and more.

Sort By Sentiment

Once you've added text, our system will immediately analyze it and sort the content by the most positive and negative moments. Instantly navigate to important moments in your content. 

Word Count

We capture word count and character count so you know how much you're writing. Soon, we'll be giving you session analytics so you can better understand yourself and your productivity.


Customize your text in the way that you want. Add headings, templates, tables, lists, links and more. 

Analyze Transcripts

Want to analyze transcripts? No problem whatsoever. We've built our platform to work seamlessly between audio, video, and text. In one click, convert your audio and video to text for rewriting and analysis.  

Coming Soon: Android & iOS Apps

In addition to our already live web app, you will soon be able to record audio right from your phone. At any moment, you're only a few taps away from unlocking the full potential of recording your plant medicine work.

Capture Your Voice

When it feels right, record audio notes. Once you're done, instantly send the audio to the web app for analysis and transcription. Export the transcription in multiple formats.

Go On A Journey

Don't worry about being offline or losing valuable insights! Capture audio notes locally on your phone at no cost. This is beautiful for when you want to disconnect, roam, enjoy nature and heal like we are supposed to and still transcribe.

Generate Metadata

Our platform will automatically generate metadata from your audio and video including keywords, topics, brands, locations, people and more. Soon, we will even help you automate link-generation so you don't have to manually link ever again.

Write like never before.

Text creation, analysis, organization and sharing to help you excel personally and professionally. 

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