Quarter 2 2021 Update


We hope you are having the beautiful summer you deserve.

With June already a distant memory, The Speak team is grateful to reconnect and share our most recent update with you!

The link to the full PDF is here.

Additionally, if you are interested in supporting our first-ever round of funding, you can also check out our up-to-date slide deck.

About Speak Ai

Speak Ai's all-in-one software combines speech-to-text and natural language processing to improve the way organizations capture, analyze and share media.

Quarter 2 Highlights:


  1. Revenue increased by more than 40%.
  2. Signups: 271 (60% growth from Q1)
  3. Total User Count: 953 (40% growth from Q1)
  4. 250% increase in recordings captured through Speak’s embeddable recorders.
  5. Several new teams onboarded including one 80+ person team!
  6. Announced a partnership with the quickly growing life sciences company MINDCURE.



  1. Launched in-app recording to enable audio and video recording directly in Speak.
  2. Successfully moved from a freemium to a trial model while increasing user sign-ups.
  3. Released a new onboarding experience and dashboard design that increased activation and paid subscriptions.
  4. Shared a well-received prototype of automatic speech animation.
  5. Added speaker analysis, CSV and bulk exports, improved transcription display and more!


New Customer Testimonials

"Thanks so much for your quick work on this- this experience has been vastly more productive and exciting than any other platform we’ve explored for any of the different aspects of this project, and your willingness to help us customize things and plan for future optimization is allowing us to pursue new plans that we thought would have to wait for another year or two."

"The video editing process can be gruelling and anything that helps smooth it out to bring the editor’s intention to life quicker is a godsend. Especially if we keep proper notes while watching, and have a functional search that can pull up related terms, the possibilities for saving searching time and increasing time for creative thinking are incredible."

If You'd Like To Contribute

  1. Invest in our first round of funding!
  2. Introduce us to great customers and investors.
  3. Share insights from your own experience growing your business and fundraising.
  4. Log in to Speak and share your feedback - we value it a lot.


As always, the team and I are so grateful for all your support on this journey.

Have an amazing rest of your summer.

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