Harry Styles Grammy Speech

Harry Styles Grammy Speech

7 – 0:00:35
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the trooper’s very own Rochelle Iraq shoe is right here to do the honors. And the

8 – 0:00:43
Grammy goes to. Watermelon sugar Harry Styles.

9 – 0:01:18

10 – 0:01:21
To everyone who made this record with me. Thank you so much. This was the first song we wrote after the My first album came out. During a day off in Nashville and I just wanna say thanks to Tom Tyler and Mitch. And everyone. Rob Stringer and everyone at Columbia.

My manager Jeffrey. Who is always nudged me to be better and never pushed me and thank you so much and. Feel great, very grateful to be here. Thank you. All of these songs are fucking massive so thank you so much.

I feel very honored to be among all EU, so thank you

6 – 0:02:02
so much. Thank you.

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