Product-Led Growth SaaS Company With Traction

Speak Ai's software platform helps growing teams instantly turn their important conversation and language data into actionable insights at scale - with no coding necessary.

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Trusted and supported by 4,000+ users and organizations

On a path to $1 million ARR & strong value creation

Increasing sign-ups and customers

We successfully increased organic traffic by 4x in 2021 and continue to enjoy a steady flow of new users each day.

We expect that trajectory to continue in 2022 and are deploying affiliate programs, high-quality content, paid ads, multi-language capabilities and important integrations to drive further customer acquisition.

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Addressing a growing market and need

Speech recognition, conversational intelligence and natural language processing are growing ~30% YoY.

Companies are increasing their budgets and ones who aren't are being left behind.

Small and medium-size businesses without large technical teams are looking for support to implement transcription and language analysis into their operations without any need for coding. 

Talented, capital efficient team

Speak Ai is completely self-funded through revenue and non-dilutive capital to date. 

In an era of overvalued companies with little to no focus on revenue, we are proud to be a lean, focused team with a proven path to sustainability and profitability.

We care deeply about our customers and the space we are in and that shows itself in our work.

We are excited to continue our growth and would love to have you be part of our journey.

If you're interested in investing in Speak Ai and want to connect with our co-founders please use the link below to find a convenient time. 

Don’t Miss Out.

Save 80% & more of your time and costs!

Use Speak's powerful AI to transcribe, analyze, automate and produce incredible insights for you and your team.