We are often asked: what is the difference between Speak Ai and Otter.ai?

Are you competitors? Do you work together? Why would someone choose Speak Ai over Otter.ai.

What is Otter.ai?

“Otter is where conversations live”

“Generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations with Otter, your AI-powered assistant.”

Otter received investment from elite silicon valley VCs, such as early investors in Tesla, Google, Slack, etc. Otter has been selected by Google as a Best App of 2018, also by Mashable, FastCompany, PCMag, etc. Otter is the exclusive speech recognition product for Zoom Video Conferencing.

The Otter.ai Team

One of the founders of Otter.ai is Sam Liang. Sam is an incredibly intelligent and technical founder. He has a PhD from Standford. He has 14 patents. 

Sam was responsible for some of the amazing work at Google on Google Maps. 

Otter.ai Features

Otter allows you to record, transcribe and share voice notes.

What Does Otter.ai do well?

Incredible transcription accuracy.

Their apps are really intuitive.

Live transcription is great.

Nice editing interface for transcription with intelligent editing and speaker identification.

How is Speak Ai different from Otter.ai?

We enable users to import and write text notes.
You can convert a transcription to a text note directly within Speak for further editing. 
You can upload videos and still view it back in Speak. We also do video analysis to extract faces, read from the screen, and label what is happening. 
Speak has much deeper analysis. While Otter does keywords and is working on some meeting notes, we do:

– People, locations, brands and more

-Wants, needs

– Mentions of money, times

– Custom keyword and phrase identification for automatic analysis (Coming soon)

Speak has a dashboard that combines all your audio, video, and text together to build patterns and unlock novel insights. Otter looks at media very individually which we see as a huge gap.
We generate customizable landing pages that you can brand.
Our media player is more customizable with insights, branding, and better optimization for SEO.
We give access to APIs. 
Google Chrome Extension (Coming).
We also have Android and iOS apps coming.
Speak can hook up with Google Analytics.

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