The Best Customer Feedback Software

The best customer feedback software

The best customer feedback software ensures you can quickly and efficiently collect valuable customer data to improve their experience. Undoubtedly, your business’ profit comes from the customers. That’s why, customer feedback is critical for any company to attract more customers and increase its revenue.

In fact, according to Forbes, 7.8% of companies with an above-average customer experience also registered a tad-bit higher revenue than their competitors. Afterall, one of the easiest ways to improve your sales is by listening to your customers and serving them better.

The Importance of Customer Feedback Software

As you can see, having a customer-centric attitude in your company is directly associated with your business’s success. That’s because customers are the ones who generate revenue for your company. As such, customer feedback is essential because it shows customer satisfaction levels and can also identify opportunities for your product or service improvement.

Once you’ve identified the best feedback software, the entire process is automated. More importantly, this software produces organic results according to direct customer feedback. With that in mind, here our rundown for the best customer feedback software that you can utilize to take your business to the next level.

  1. SurveyMonkey: The Best Software for Beginners

surveymonkey: The best customer feedback software

SurveyMonkey is probably the most popular customer feedback software out there, and with good reason. This software serves customers worldwide with flexible question variations such as multiple choice, open comments and Likert scales.

SurveyMonkey builds new ways for customers to share their opinions and voices. Additionally, this software works directly with plug-ins such as Google Drive, Slack, HubSpot, Mailchimp and Microsoft Teams. 

And something that sets SurveyMonkey from other top customer feedback software is that it comes with various pre-made templates. SurveyMonkey is best for employee feedback management, multi-channel surveys, user research and market research.

  2. Survicate: The Best Software for Real-Time Feedback

Survicate: The Best Customer Feedback Software

Survicate is a robust, easy-to-use survey and management software that assists you in triggering targeted surveys at different locations on your site. That’s why Survicate is highly ranked among the best customer feedback software.

Survicate also offers chat surveys with a library of predefined survey tools that you can choose from. Regarding analysis, Survicate offers CSV and XLS exporting options, dashboard capabilities and NPS analysis. Undoubtedly, Survicate is the best software for real-time feedback.

  3. The Best Software for Product Managers The Best Customer Feedback Software is a customer feedback software designed for product managers to make better decisions about their products. More importantly, Craft is an end-to-end management platform built with user functionality. Craft offers users a professional management solution to effectively manage the lifecycle of digital products, from feedback collection, capacity planning and portfolio management.

And by using the feedback portal, you can easily collect user experience data and share it with your team. Additionally, the feedback portal allows you to track and tag customer feedback and make data-driven company decisions.

Craft can easily interact with Azure DevOps, Jira, GitHub, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Teams, Okta, Google Drive and Target process. If you are running an online store, is the best customer feedback software for you.

  4. SurveySparrow: The Most Exciting Customer Feedback Software

Surveysparrow: The Best Customer Feedback Software

Let’s be honest; most, if not all, customer surveys fail because they don’t have that extra oomph. But that’s not the case when using SurveySparrow. This software ranks high because of its exciting interface with a tool that promises 40% more responses than any other in the market today. That makes it one of the best customer feedback software out there.

SurveySparrow improves customer retention and the relationship with your clients with customer feedback surveys and chatbots. On top of that, this software also features an automated reminder for the customer to fill out the incredibly cool forms. If you are starting your online business, this survey software is ideal because its UI is relatively easy to understand. And to add icing to the cake, SurveySparrow is pocket friendly compared to the above software options.

  5. Speak Ai: The Best Customer Feedback Software All-round

Speak Ai: The Best Customer Feedback Software

Hands down! Speak Ai is the ultimate customer feedback software with a plethora of functionalities that will smoothen your work. This software not only ensures you can perfectly analyze your customers’ responses, but it also helps you represent them perfectly for a presentation at work.

From competitor analysis, data visualization, and SWOT analysis, to human transcription- you name it! Speak Ai is the best customer feedback software all around. It’s ideal for any business in any industry that plans to level up and improve its sales. 

Speak Ai allows a clean and visual data representation that you can easily interpret and analyze. You can quickly ensure your customers have the best experience as you improve your products and services. Speak Ai is the best place for any online entrepreneur to enhance their products and create brand loyalty by delivering top-notch quality.

Do You Really Need Customer Feedback Software?

Collecting customer feedback is the most straightforward way to improve your product and service. It doesn’t matter what business you are in; customers will always be the heart and soul of your sales. And their perception of your company will directly impact your sales. So, yes, it’s necessary to have customer feedback software in this day and era.

The unfortunate part is that the market is flooded with a bunch of below-average software that will not improve your service. As such, you should always take your time to research the market before settling for specific software that works. With all our years of searching for the perfect software, we founded Speak Ai, which works incredibly well.

And with that in mind, here’s your one-time chance to join the thousands of users whose businesses have highly benefited from Speak Ai. So what are you waiting for? Give Speak Ai a call today!

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