How to do amazon review analysis

How to Analyze Amazon Reviews?

Before making a purchase decision, today's buyers frequently research an item or service on social media and read user reviews. Amazon consumers are no different. In this article, we will show you how to analyze Amazon reviews.

You can ensure that you will remain ahead of the game and the competition by monitoring the reviews that customers leave for your products.

But how exactly do you monitor and evaluate Amazon reviews in a way that is both useful and efficient? Why would you want to do that? This blog article will provide the answers to all of your queries regarding the study of Amazon Reviews.

Why Should You Analyze Amazon Reviews?

How to do amazon review analysis

The New York Times reports that more than 80 percent of American consumers read internet reviews prior to making new purchases, and the vast majority of those consumers believe the evaluations to be instructive and truthful.

According to another finding in the survey, people's purchasing decisions are significantly impacted when they read critical feedback online. It is crucial, then, to be aware of what customers are saying about your product, whether the comments are favorable or bad. 

Monitoring and comprehending customer evaluations provide invaluable insight into the experiences and attitudes of customers and allow businesses to remain in tune with the shifts and changes that occur in the market.

Businesses may learn a lot from the evaluations left by customers on Amazon, including what aspects of the product customers liked and disliked, what gaps exist in the market, and even the extent to which consumers are interested in items that will be released in the future.

Using this information, you will also be able to determine the areas of concern for your customers and address those concerns before introducing a new product.

Who Is Responsible for Writing Amazon Reviews?

If you've recently discovered how helpful such reviews are, you may be curious about the authors of those reviews. The reviews are analyzed with Text Analysis as well as Sentiment Analysis, and the results are sorted into one of three categories: positive, negative, or neutral. 

With the use of this categorization, the authors might be placed into one of the following groups:

  • Customers that genuinely adore the product
  • Customers that dislike the product in question
  • Customers committed to the brand in question

Customers wish to pay it forward by writing their own evaluations because they believe that it is only fair, given that they have read other people's reviews. However, there is another group that consists of fake reviews.

Fake reviews

Amazon continues to struggle with a significant and pervasive problem with phony reviews, despite the company's best efforts.

False consumer feedback not only misleads customers and damages the reputation of a business, but it is also extremely harmful to customer experience analysis and market research.

When browsing through and reading reviews on Amazon, there are a few crucial factors that can help you spot fraudulent reviews — these points are:

The tone and language of many fake reviews tend to be artificial and overly planned, making them sound more like advertisements or infomercials for the product than genuine evaluations. 

Be on the lookout for the product's whole name as well; if it is stated several times, it is likely an attempt to improve the website's search engine rankings.

Businesses that pay individuals to write reviews typically provide those individuals with a list of particular keywords they should incorporate into the review. The use of the same phrases or keywords across several reviews is a telltale indicator that the reviews are fraudulent and paid for.

To be more specific, a dearth of details has been provided. There is a good chance that the review was written fraudulently if it was brief and didn't offer much in the way of an explanation for the high rating.

Do not, however, allow the possibility of false reviews to dissuade you from monitoring and evaluating the reviews that customers on Amazon have left for your product and utilizing the information obtained to stimulate the expansion and development of your brand.

Analysis of customer feedback on Amazon may assist in the development of your company in a variety of ways. The information gathered can be used to develop new or improved items, as well as to enhance content and marketing methods.

How to Analyze Amazon Reviews?

How to do amazon review analysis

There are two methods available for monitoring Amazon reviews left by customers: To begin, there is manual tracking.

Finding the Amazon product URL, loading it, checking for new reviews, performing a deep dive into the product's Customer Reviews page, looking at the most recent ratings, analyzing the information, and deciding on a course of action (via product design, marketing, content writing, etc.), and then repeating the process are all required steps for this type of tracking.

If we are talking about a relatively little company that sells just a few items, then it is possible that this method can be implemented.

However, huge companies that sell hundreds of goods are unable to rely on tracking them manually. Simply said, doing so would be inefficient and a waste of the resources available.

Some companies attempt to address this problem by putting interns or freelancers in charge of manual tracking responsibilities.

The cost of paying review trackers may add up to hundreds of dollars each month, which is money that might be used to enhance marketing, conduct market research, or innovate new products.

Consequently, utilizing an automatic Amazon review tracker can make a significant impact on the globe. Your product URL of choice will be analyzed by the Automated Amazon Review Tracker, which will then search for selected keywords, locate fresh reviews, and give you an alert.

You may acquire current, granular consumer feedback data for analysis in the quickest and most effective way possible by using this method.

Amazon Review Analysis provides you with an incredible opportunity to learn about the problems that your customers are experiencing, to keep an eye on your competitors, and to put this knowledge to work to improve your product.

Amazon Review Analysis

The Amazon review analysis tool makes use of artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to the target market. It can identify false reviews based on patterns and feelings found in customer feedback.

This enables our cutting-edge, low-touch artificial intelligence system to recognize and disregard bogus reviews, therefore supplying accurate and pertinent data for analysis.

Your brand will be taken to a whole new level as a direct result of the very comprehensive Amazon review research that was produced as a final product.


Consumers' opinions expressed in Amazon product reviews might significantly affect your business. Amazon takes into account the star rating when selecting where to place your goods in search results.

In addition, a favorable product review can greatly enhance your conversion rate. Customers who have read bad feedback, on the other hand, are more inclined to think twice before purchasing your goods.

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