How to Professionally Transcribe Focus Groups

Transcribe Focus Groups

Undoubtedly, it can be challenging to transcribe focus groups. From the background noises to people talking over each other and non-verbal cues. These are all ingredients for a complex transcription. Yet, the most intriguing part is that focus groups are currently on the rise. In fact, in 2017 alone, a whopping $2.7 billion was spent […]

The Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Every business, small or big, has one thing in common. They all must deal with competition. In the past few years, the marketing field has developed a lot, with an increase in channels and tools. As a result, the competition is fiercer than ever. To make sure your business attracts the audience, it is important […]

The Best Professional Transcription Companies In The United States

professional transcription companies

You’re in the middle of a meeting, trying to take notes and keep up with the conversation. Suddenly, your mind starts to wander. You can’t focus on what’s being said. If only you had someone to transcribe the meeting for you. But, wait, there is! Here’s where professional transcription companies come into play. Transcription services […]

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