2021 Report: Thank You For An Incredible Year

I hope you are having a fantastic start to 2022.

From all of our team here at Speak Ai - we wish you a year full of abundance, joy and growth.

Speak Team

A 2021 Reflection & Look Forward

2021 was a definitive year for Speak Ai. In 2019 and 2020, we built a strong technological foundation as we faced unforeseen global challenges.

There were times when all our team wanted was to get feedback so that we could learn and improve.

In 2021, that desire began to manifest. With growing awareness, we saw our platform transform into something people need, use and value.

There is still a lot of work ahead, but we feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve people, solve problems, and do what we love.

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Traction In 2021

  • $8,345 CAD software MRR (⬆ 1,194%)
  • 2,600 total users (⬆ 407%)
  • 27 active subscriptions (⬆ 350%)
  • 28,838 media files analyzed (⬆ 436%)
  • $275,292 CAD total revenue (⬆ 153%)


Favourite Additions To Speak In 2021

  • Instant import and analysis of text documents through the Speak app, Zapier and CSVs.
  • An end-to-end professional transcription solution to generate accurate transcripts for model training, research
    and publishing.
  • A full redesign of the embeddable recorder to include custom-branding, file uploads and structured data
  • A powerful new Zapier push function to accommodate important workflows and send Speak transcripts and analyses almost anywhere.
  • User-defined insights extraction to enable personalized analysis and white labelled reports.


Customer Testimonials

"Speak has helped me a lot in my line of work. I can even say it helps me slash 40% of work time."

"A user-friendly, people-focused transcription and data analysis tool."

"You don't have to stress on the time and the length of audio listening to it the whole day when you can just have it typed out by an AI. It is really a game-changer.

"There are no tricks involved, no hidden agendas, it's simple to use and it's quick. When one needs to do a project in a hurry, Speak delivers."


Product Development For 2022

  • Significantly improving platform accuracy, data visualization and custom report creation.
  • Making it easy to import large language data sets from high-value sources for automatic analysis.
  • Continuing to integrate with popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Vimeo.
  • Enabling anyone to create intelligent shareable media libraries.
  • Launching multi-language transcription and analysis.
  • Releasing the first versions of our Android and iOS applications.


Business Development For 2022

  • Closing our first tranche of fundraising in early 2022.
  • Radically prioritizing efforts to achieve $1 million in revenue.
  • Hiring our first two account executives to build an effective, repeatable outbound sales engine.
  • Attracting talented developers, designers, marketers and salespeople.


How You Can Contribute In 2022

  • Introduce us to great investors who lead and co-lead seed rounds (here is our most recent slide deck).
  • Join our advisory board and share your expertise with a coachable team driven to learn and create value.
  • Connect our team with talented creators, marketers and researchers managing large amounts of language data.
  • Share your feedback on our website and application
    - we value it a lot.



Personal Note

  • Even with many challenges for all of us in 2021, I'm deeply grateful for a year full of personal and professional
    milestones. I wouldn't be here without you.
  • I've written a personal reflection with lessons learned, predictions, and more on my website here.
  • I'm using Speak's technology to create my first crowd-sourced data visualization art project. You can learn more and contribute here.


I'd love to reconnect to find opportunities to grow together in 2022. Please feel encouraged to use my Calendly link if you'd find a conversation worthwhile.

As always, our team at Speak Ai is thankful for your support. We are excited about another unforgettable
year with you.

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