The written history of humans and transcription are intertwined. For as long as we could put pen to paper, we’ve been taking speeches, songs, folktales, and, more recently – court proceedings or meeting minutes – and translating them into text form.

Transcription Has Come a Long Way ….

Fortunately, transcription was fully swept up in our age of digitalization, with speech-to-text software and AI technology taking center stage. As you can imagine, this has made everything from memo-taking to email writing a lot easier.

So, Why Isn’t Everyone Using it Yet?!

Despite its many advantages, there’s a lack of awareness among brands and businesses that could stand to save time and profit from the use of software-generated professional transcription. Or they may be unaware that most automated transcription services also employ a team of in-person transcribers to ensure accuracy.

They Need You

That’s where professional transcription affiliate programs come into play – and you. You can get paid to refer transcription software. So, want to make money from referring companies to transcription companies? Take your pick from our list of the best transcription affiliate programs below and get right to it!

The Best Transcription Affiliate Programs to Earn Big

GoTranscript (Transcription Affiliate Program)


Their professional transcription affiliate program is open to anyone, and the enrolment process is simple. All you have to do is sign up, get the links and promo materials related to GoTranscript and get promoting!

Scribie (Transcription Affiliate Program)


Scribie is a transcription company that offers audio and video transcription services to their customers. They provide their transcription services through both automation technology and manual alernative such as typists. Their transcription services are charged per minute. However, if you want to get paid to refer transcription software, Scribie is here for you. Through their professional transcription affiliate program, you can avail of lifetime commissions paid through PayPal upon request.

Transcribe Anywhere (Transcription Affiliate Program)


Transcribe Anywhere provides courses on how to become general professional transcriptionists and legal transcriptionists. The course is priced reasonably at $797 and $897, respectively, and with the 20% commission, it effectively pays for itself over time. Suppose you opt to become a transcription software affiliate with Transcribe Anywhere. In that case, you stand to benefit from their lifetime support and promise to aid in setting up a transcription business for its trainees.

Speak AI Inc. (Transcription Affiliate Program)

When it comes to new faces, we’d argue that Speak AI Inc. is the best transcription affiliate company to work with. If you’re looking to make money from referring companies to transcription companies, we’d highly recommend taking part in their course. Their automated transcription service can be used through an online platform or app, and thanks to its high-quality, accurate results, is already trusted by 4000+ companies.

Be one of the first to promote this automated transcription service that’s set to be the next big thing on the transcription scene, and enjoy their competition beating commission rate of a staggering 25%.


Rev (Transcription Affiliate Program)


Rev is a transcription service that’s gained a reputation for reliability and adherence to quality standards. Trusted by over 100,000 companies worldwide, including Viacom, iHeart Media, ESPN, Hearst, Rev is perhaps the most dynamic transcription service on the market.

Rev uses automated speech-to-text software and freelance human transcriptionists, with both starter and pro plans available to clients.

This a great entry-level option for automated transcription affiliate work, as they accept candidates who have less than 25,000 followers on social media. If you opt to train with Rev, you’ll be expected to promote the company through videos and blog posts, with payment being made through PayPal.

Sonix (Transcription Affiliate Program)


Sonix is an automated transcription service that offers perhaps one of the most complex automated transcription affiliate programs.

Sonix offers clients the chance to convert audio and video files to text using their ultra-accurate automation technology. Each transcription is time-stamped and organized and can be converted into more than 40 languages. However, perhaps their most compelling selling point is their versatile integration capabilities and ability to work across various platforms and web tools.

Interestingly, their professional transcription affiliate program is uniquely tiered, with new affiliates earning a commission rate of 10%. Once passed the 50 referrals mark, affiliates begin earning 20% commission. The next goal is 100, after which they can earn 33%.

TranscriptionHUB (Transcription Affiliate Program)


By inviting customers to use TranscriptionHUB’s transcription services, you stand to earn big. You promote their services by sharing their affiliate link or embedding the affiliate widget on your blog or website. If an order is made, the 10% commission is sent to your TranscriptionHUB account. From there, it’s paid out to your PayPal account on the 1st and 5th of every month.

WeScribeIt (Transcription Affiliate Program)


WeScribeIt provides audio transcription services and dictation services alongside translation, foreign language services, and closed captioning. For guaranteed accuracy, freelancers and in-house typists are also employed for their transcription skills. One of WeScribeIt’s most attractive selling points is its price calculator tool which allows customers to determine the possible price of a transcription project using the on-site transcription tools and related services.

WeScribeIt runs its own affiliate program that’s open to all. So, all you’ll need is an account in order to sign up and get paid.

Transcription Certification Institute (Transcription Affiliate Program)


The Transcription Certification Institute offers automated and professional transcription affiliate programs to online marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else to avail of.

The enrollment procedure is simple. All you have to do is create an account and place your linking code on your website. Then, you can promote the Transcription Certification Institute by linking them to your blogs or writing review articles. They also encourage you to share the affiliate link on your email, social media, and other forms of campaigns.

Amberscript (Transcription Affiliate Program)


Amberscript allows users to transform audio and video into text and subtitles using speech recognition. They take a dual approach to their services by leveraging both online text editors and human transcribers which brings the text accuracy to 100%.

You can get paid to refer transcription software with Amberscript’s professional transcription affiliate program – and paid big. They boast one of the highest commission rates available at a lofty 30%. Enrollment is easy and open to potential candidates worldwide. Suppose you have a blog, website, or social media channel with an audience interested in transcripts and subtitles. In that case, you are the ideal fit for their program!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to how to make money transcription, the above affiliate programs are your most lucrative and effective options.

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