How To Do Competitor Analysis

Most people think of competition as a bad thing. They see it as a rivalry, something that is harmful to both parties and only results in one side losing. But if you look at the competition differently, you'll see that it can actually be quite beneficial. In fact, if used correctly, competitor analysis can give […]

What Is A Knowledge Graph?

You may be wondering what is a knowledge graph. Knowledge graphs have become a popular abstraction for arranging the organized knowledge of the world. Online and for integrating data gathered from many data sources. Knowledge graphs are becoming increasingly important when it comes to machine learning and incorporating external knowledge. Dissect external knowledge into actionable […]

The Best Transcription Affiliate Programs

The written history of humans and transcription are intertwined. For as long as we could put pen to paper, we’ve been taking speeches, songs, folktales, and, more recently – court proceedings or meeting minutes – and translating them into text form. Transcription Has Come a Long Way …. Fortunately, transcription was fully swept up in […]

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