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Text analysis is an important part of the data science process. It deals with understanding the meaning and importance of text. This can be in the form of emails, documents, or even social media posts. The best text analysis software makes it easier for you to extract meaning from the data and make sense of it.

This article will look at the best text analysis software currently available on the market in 2023. We’ll review each product’s features and overall quality so you can decide which one is right for your needs.

What Is Text Analysis Software?

Text analysis software is a type of artificial intelligence that can analyze written or spoken language to extract meaning. It can be used by businesses, researchers, and individuals to make sense of text-based data. Text analysis software is used for tasks like sentiment analysis, which uses algorithms to determine whether a piece of writing expresses positive or negative feelings.

Text Analysis

By employing natural language processing techniques, users of text analysis software (also known as text analytics or text mining software) can extract useful information from a wide variety of text data types (NLP). Sentiment analysis, keywords, language, themes and patterns, entities, and many more all contribute to these kinds of discoveries. These tools use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to extract various insights and offer visual representations of the data for simpler comprehension.

Text analysis software allows users to perform tasks to find:

  • The main ideas in a document
  • A piece of writing is positive or negative
  • What words are used most often in a document

Top 8 Text Analysis Software To Use In 2023

In a world where we are constantly inundated with text and data, it can be difficult to understand what you’re looking at. But if you want to make sense of the information at hand, there’s one thing you need: text analysis software.

This type of software helps you identify patterns in text that may otherwise be invisible. It can also provide metrics about things like sentiment and topic prominence—and even give some basic recommendations based on your text.

You might be wondering what kind of software you should use for this purpose. Luckily, with our research, you can learn about the best text analysis software available today!

The following are the top 8 text analysis software you should know about in 2023:

1. Speak Ai

Speak Ai is a text analysis software that provides a complete end-to-end solution for your business. It is a cloud-based platform that provides users with the ability to analyze their data and create reports based on their findings. The tool allows you to extract information from unstructured data, such as text documents, emails, and other files. With this tool, you can use natural language processing (NLP) to understand the sentiment of any text, including social media posts and customer reviews.

Speak Ai

The software offers a variety of features that allow you to extract information from your documents. You can use it to perform sentiment analysis, which will allow you to determine whether or not your audience is happy with the content that they are reading. The platform also offers topic modeling capabilities, which will help you find key topics within your text documents. The tool allows users to create visualizations and graphs based on their findings as well.

Speak Ai has a user-friendly interface and is compatible with most operating systems. The software supports a wide range of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese among others. You can use it to analyze transcripts of interviews or speeches to identify keywords and phrases that are used frequently by speakers.

2. Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend is one of the best text analysis tools that can be used to analyze customer reviews and product descriptions. It also allows you to perform sentiment analysis and extract entities from text data. You can use Amazon Comprehend as a back-end server-side or client-side service, depending on your needs.

With this system in place, managing document processing workflows becomes a breeze. By limiting access to your files based on their holders’ identities, personal details serve as a significant layer of protection.

This program is so simple to use that a beginner can get up and running in just a few minutes. Companies already using many AWS services may find it simple to integrate this solution into their workflows.

3. Thematic

Analyzing customer feedback and support data is essential for any business that values its customers. Thematic, a piece of text analysis software, provides a hub where teams can work together to better comprehend and respond to consumer input.


Thematic is an advanced text analytics platform that helps you extract meaningful insights from your data. You can use Thematic to search for specific keywords in your document or analyze large volumes of texts at once with powerful statistical techniques such as clustering and topic modeling.

For practically instantaneous insights, you may test the worth of the input you’ve received. This tool’s text-processing AI allows rapidly expanding businesses to mine their consumer feedback for patterns and trends.

4. MonkeyLearn

With the help of MonkeyLearn, you can do quantitative content analysis. You can do it on whatever unstructured text data you have, whether it is documented, survey replies, social media, online reviews, or customer feedback.

The program can read text just like a person because of the advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) methods that power it. This will guarantee a reliable result from your analysis.


You may simply connect other apps to MonkeyLearn, such as Google Sheets, Excel, Zendesk, Zapier, and more. Since MonkeyLearn uses sophisticated machine learning, developing a model is a simple task. Additionally, API integration across the board is possible with the minimal development effort.

5. Chattermill

Chattermill is an all-in-one system for gathering, measuring, and analyzing client feedback. The primary goal of Chattermill is to enhance the customer service experience; the platform employs theme and sentiment AI to help you understand how customers feel, identify trending themes, and learn what keeps them coming back.

Get to the bottom of your data’s hidden meanings with the help of Chattermill’s filters, and find out what’s impacting the customer experience. To effectively discover and forecast opportunities to boost revenue, advocacy, and retention across all customer touchpoints, it is important to analyze signals within customer feedback.

6. Google Cloud NLP

Google Cloud NLP is an artificial intelligence-based tool that uses deep learning algorithms to analyze texts. It’s capable of understanding the context of your document and picking up keywords that are relevant to your search query. It can also identify different entities mentioned in your document (e.g., people, places, etc.) so that you know who or what is being talked about most often.

7. Lexalytics

Lexalytics is a natural language processing platform that uses machine learning to extract insights from unstructured data such as blog posts, customer reviews, social media posts, and more. Lexalytics uses human-like algorithms to identify key terms within your content. You can then use these insights to make business decisions based on what your customers are saying about you online.


8. MeaningCloud

Using MeaningCloud, you may combine or build upon preexisting dictionaries (dictionaries, taxonomies, sentiment models, etc.). Their program excels at document coding and management, as well as Voice of the Customer analysis.

Their software development kits (SDKs) and plugins offer a starting point for fine-tuning analyses. You may simply make changes to the way the system works without needing in-depth knowledge of code, and its graphical user interface makes it easy to turn your data into actionable findings.

Takeaway: Text-Analysis Software Is Valuable When You Want To Make Sense Of Large Data Sets!

When you’re trying to make sense of a large dataset, text analysis software can be invaluable.

Speak Ai is a text-analysis tool that is useful in conjunction with other tools, or as a stand-alone solution. It can analyze and extract insights from both structured and unstructured data. Speak Ai can also identify trends and patterns in your data, so you can make better business decisions based on what it finds.

That is why you must use Speak Ai to examine and analyze text like 7,000 satisfied customers are already doing. Request a demo or start a trial if you need assistance with scraping, analyzing, and understanding the data from a text.]

Get insights from your language data - fast and with no code.

Join 40,000+ individuals and teams who rely on Speak Ai to capture and analyze unstructured language data for valuable insights. Streamline your workflows, unlock new revenue streams and keep doing what you love.

Get a 14-day fully-featured trial. No credit card is required.

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