Harness the power of WordPress in an entirely new way.

Speak Ai enables you to connect directly to WordPress so that you can publish audio, video, and text content automatically and instantly.

Audio and video to text instantly

Automated transcription

Speak give you the ability to easily convert speech to text in 10 languages. With high-quality audio and video, Speak can immediately deliver a time-stamped transcript with up to 98% accuracy.

Searchable Media

Because we transcribe and analyze media for you, you can search directly through the media. No more scrolling through audio and video thumbnails.

Speaker identification

Speak labels and timestamps speakers so you can easily understand who spoke when.

Analyze Phone Calls

Using Twilio, Speak can be tailored to automatically capture and analyze phone calls. This ability can help you better understand conversations with prospective patients, patients and more. 

Embed Transcript Player

Once your transcription and insights are returned, you can immediately embed or create custom interactive media players to share both publicly and privately.

Analyze Sessions

Upload your telehealth sessions for better storage, management, organization, and analysis. 

Share Insights

Your transcription and insights are returned as an interactive player. You can then password-protect and easily share the analyzed session with your patients. Improve communication, understanding, and treatment outcomes by collaborating together.

Integrations & APIs

We are adding a comprehensive range of integrations and APIs for you access our powerful speech-to-text in multiple ways. Find us in Zapier to connect with thousands of application and request access to our APIs

Team Management

Collaborate and share media, transcripts, and insights with your team! Manage different roles. Improve team productivity and output. 

Unforgettable media experiences.

Our platform is built to help you capture, manage and knowledge mobilization like never before. If you want to create groundbreaking media experiences for yourself and others, sign up today.

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