Radically improve your search engine marketing with easy transcription.

Easily turn you audio and video into high-performing search engine optimization content. Increase engagement, accessibility and search engine rankings. 

Decrease the time and cost to publish high-quality content that rapidly ranks on search engines.

Less Expensive

High-quality content writers can be more than $100 an hour and take several hours to do one good blog post. Compared to creating completely original content, transcribing a conversation is less expensive and more effective.

Harness Captions

With Speak, you receive SRT and VTT format. Right now, over 80% of videos on social media are being watched without sound. Post your content with our captions and see engagement and conversions soar.

Easy & Repeatable

Anyone who has written content knows how intensive the work is. But, people are great at speaking. Transcribing conversations is an easy, repeatable content generation strategy. Just record a conversation and send it our way!

Supercharge Your SEO

Transcribing audio and video files and posting the transcript online massively improves your search engine rankings by increasing relevant keywords, improving searchability, and driving engagement.

Increase Accessibility

An accessible video includes captions and a transcript. Increase compliance with accessibility standards and open up your content to a valuable audience. Allow users who speak and read different languages to translate your content.

Get Helpful Insights

Speak automatically extracts the topics, keywords and brands from analyzed files to help with marketing and easy understanding. Get your targeted keywords, blog categories and tags with each transcription. Discover what’s leading to engagement and search engine rankings.

Make Content Searchable

If you have a lot of audio and video it can take you a long time to find sound bites or remember certain discussions. Transcripts and captions allow you and users to easily find keywords and quotes.

Skyrocket Engagement

Pages with audio and video increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Many people prefer reading to watching or listening. Including a transcript encourages readers to digest the content their way and adds values to watchers and listeners. Transcripts improve engagement, user experience, and SEO.

Automate Content

By taking recorded conversations and transcribing them with Speak you have created a powerful, automated way to market. Turn the best moments of your content into social media posts.

Coming Soon: Android & iOS Apps

In addition to our already live web app, you will soon be able to record audio right from your phone. At any moment, you're only a few taps away from unlocking the full potential of recording.

Capture Your Voice

When it feels right, record audio notes. Once you're done, instantly send the audio to the web app for analysis and transcription. Export the transcription to your web page and watch your rankings soar!

Go On A Journey

Don't worry about being offline or losing valuable insights! Capture audio notes locally on your phone at no cost. This is beautiful for when you want to disconnect, roam, enjoy nature and heal like we are supposed to and still create search engine content.

Generate Metadata

Our platform will automatically generate metadata from your audio and video including keywords, topics, brands, locations, people and more. Soon, we will even help you automate link-generation so you don't have to manually link ever again. Access the future of outbound linking.

Understand Your Content

Capture your ongoing work and unlock insights into yourself and what content resonates with your audience. Understand what is helping you grow. Remove the the things that aren't.

Capture. Analyze. Excel.

Decrease the time and cost to transcribe, analyze, and publish high-performing content.