The Future of Content Marketing

Content Marketing. A proven methodology to attract clients and interested followers for long-term growth. Are you looking to generate more exposure online? Do you want to help your audience by publishing relevant content that drives success? Well, you’re in the right place to develop a strategy of your own. According to analysts from Technavio, the […]

Guide To The Big Five Personality Traits

Big Five Speak

Identity is at the core of how we interact with the world. As people, our subjective identities are ground-breaking indicators of the manner by which we react over an expansive scope of various circumstances. To put it plainly, identity can be viewed as the hidden example of considerations and sentiments that impact what we are […]

6 Reasons You Need to Transcribe Your Podcasts

6 Reasons You Need To Transcribe Your Podcasts

With its explosion into mainstream entertainment, podcasts, have become one of the most consumed forms of content. According to Statista, as of 2019 over 50% of Americans have listened to a podcast. This is a sizeable increase from the 2018 total of 44%. While listenership is at an all-time high, what if I were to […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is defined by the Institute for Health and Human Potential as the awareness that our emotions greatly influence our behavior, and the behavior of others. The ability to manage and express emotions appropriately is necessary because it allows for greater success within the workplace, personal relationships, and with oneself. High emotional intelligence has […]

10 Inspiring Female Speakers

Some of the most powerful and influential figures in the world today are women. We compiled a list of some of our favorite inspiring female speakers to Molly Fletcheracknowledge and appreciate their impressive accomplishments! Oprah Winfrey A list of the top female speakers wouldn’t be complete without one of the greatest of all time! Oprah […]

Understanding The Impact Of Perception


  Picture this: You are walking down a busy street, as you look around at your surroundings. You see people walking, some in a hurry and some taking their time. You may catch a glance at them. Some will engage in eye contact, and some will not. You may attempt to give a friendly smile. […]

A Guide to Better Conversations


Conversations are an essential component of every day life. The ability to make a lasting and meaningful impression on others during conversations can make or break your relationships with friends, colleagues, and others. To help you have better conversations, the experts at Speak have compiled a guide of the most effective ways to have a […]

Your Guide To Mastering Confidence While Speaking


It is proven that a lack of confidence can hinder your overall performance in the workplace, personal relationships and self-actualization. Due to a rise in the digital age, online communication and social media, a major consequence is a decrease in confidence. Succeeding in life and obtaining opportunities starts with your inner perception and your first […]