Automated Speech to Text

Language identification

Speak automatically detects languages and is capable of accurately analyzing multi-lingual audio and video.

Automated transcription

Speak give you the ability to easily convert speech to text in 10 languages. With high-quality audio and video, Speak can immediately deliver a time-stamped transcript with up to 98% accuracy.

Speaker identification

Speak labels and timestamps speakers so you can easily understand who spoke when.


With Speak, you can easily export your audio and video files into three popular subtitle formats: WebVTT, TTML, or SRT.

Automatic Punctuation

Speak automatically punctuates transcriptions like commas, question marks, and periods using our machine learning models.


Immediately translate the transcription and insights into more than 7 languages.

Video Analysis

Object identification

Speak automatically detect and labels items (for example person, table, ball, women etc) when they appear in the video.

Face detection

Speak’s technology detects and displays faces identified in the uploaded video.

Celebrity identification

Our software automatically recognizes public figures, displays their biography, and allows users to see when they are present in the video.

Custom face identification

Tag unknown people in your videos. If they are seen again, our technology will automatically recognize them and show where that person is in the video.

High-Quality Thumbnail extraction

Automatically extract the best face images for thumbnails.

Audio Analysis

Keyword extraction
Find the most prevalent keywords mentioned by speakers in each audio or video file.

Topic inference

Identify the main topics based on speech content in the video or audio file.

Brand mentions

Tracks brand mentions in spoken content or displayed on the screen during videos.

Sentiment analysis

Compare instances of positive and negative sentiments within audio and video content.

Emotion detection

Identify emotions in analyzed content using words, vocal signals and facial expressions.

Multi-channel Recognition

In recordings with several people where they are on different channels (like a phone call or video conference), Speak will analyze each channel separately, recognize speakers, and then merge the transcripts so they are accurate.

Noise reduction

Speak will analyze the file and clean up telephony audio or noisy recordings.

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