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As we start to think more about how Speak can directly contribute to growth, repurposing content is one of the major focal points.

Webinars and long-form content is amazing but it is shown that people have decreased attention spans. 

To truly get the message across we need to take high-quality content and repurpose it into microcontent that resonates in different ways. 

Each platform is different. Instagram is visual. LinkedIn is a combination with a professional tone. Facebook has a different feel and content type than Twitter.

Knowing this, how can we repurpose content across multiple mediums quickly, effectively and affordably? 

We will continue to hone in on this, but one way that we believe is valuable is turning webinars into blog posts and articles.

People may not be willing to watch the entire video or listen to the whole audio, but they may like to read a summary. 

We’re working on ways that you can capture and upload your media into Speak and then have two options: automatically summarize through algorithms, or remotely hire someone on our team to create the blog post for you.

As an additional note, you can also just choose to transcribe the post and paste the transcript on a webpage for increased accessibility, time on page, and search engine rankings.

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