We Tried The Minecraft COOKBOOK In Real Life…

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We Tried The Minecraft COOKBOOK In Real Life… YouTube Video

We Tried The Minecraft COOKBOOK In Real Life… YouTube Video Description

We Tried The Minecraft COOKBOOK In Real Life… Yes, Minecraft has a cookbook, and it’s crazy. From chicken jockeys to SUSPICIOUS STEW…? We tried it all and rated it on a scale of 1-10 hunger bars.

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George: @GeorgeNotFound
Dream: @dream
Mythical Kitchen: @mythicalkitchen

I heard Minecraft made an official cookbook, and I had already tried all the Minecraft food myself, so I thought I HAD to try the OFFICIAL cookbook and see what it’s like. I brought my friends GeorgeNotFound and Dream to try with me. This was our first real life Minecraft challenge as the Dream Team! The recipes were more complicated than my first time trying Minecraft food in my video “I Ate EVERY Minecraft Food In Real Life…”, so we couldn’t just use Dream’s mom to cook it all. We had to hire professional chefs.

I don’t know any professional chefs, so I thought of reaching out to some of the best chefs on Youtube at the Mythical Kitchen! They make all the food behind the scenes for Rhett & Link at Good Mythical Morning, so I thought they would have plenty of experience making food to be judged by us. We tried food from Minecraft cake to Minecraft suspicious stew and rated them on a scale of one hunger bar to ten, based on the OFFICIAL Minecraft Cookbook recipe. Unfortunately no spider eyes or raw meat, because this is straight from Mojang, and they made sure all the recipes were safe.

If this video gets a ridiculous amount of likes (500,000 ? that seems impossible), we will try and have professional chef’s recreate every Minecraft food from in game, as accurate to survival Minecraft 1.20 as possible. So basically a combination of this video, and my old video, and with George and Dream being forced to eat the nasty food with me…

thank you guys for watching and hope you guys enjoy πŸ™‚ shoutout to team mythical and Trevor and Josh

We Tried The Minecraft COOKBOOK In Real Life… Automated Transcript By Speak

So if you guys didn’t know Minecraft has come out with an official cookbook and what’s in it. I don’t know.

We’re gonna find out though. In

this video. We had professional chefs. No, like actual professional chefs this time. Audrey’s mom, come here and help us make these recipes in real

life. I’ve been doing professional recipe development for over 10 years. I’m a published cookbook author and I’ve played 2.5 hours of Minecraft in my life.

He’s pretty good at anything. Really?

All right guys, bring us the food.

All right. I’m ready to taste. I’m hungry.

First up we got the bricks of clay. I understand it. They are bricks of clay,

clay, but they’re red. Ok. It’s just a brick, it’s just a brick. It not the brick. Wait, we should all try together

and see whatever that is.

Oh, I know what you put in here. It’s Oreos. Right? Oreo. No, that’s actually good.

I’m eating the whole thing. This is good. I like that is really good. This is a good starter.

Like if I go this in a, as a designer restaurant, I think that would be good. All right. So this has a bunch

of Oreos and sweetened condensed milk and white chocolate fudge. Classic boardwalk staple food. Basically chocolate blended with like other cheaper ingredients. I love fudge, man. Great. It’s just like a little dense brick of

happiness. It’s

delicious. I have my reading. I’m giving it eight out of 10 hunger bars. I think it’s delicious. But I do think like if I ate a bunch of like right now I’m thirsty. So that’s why it’s a little dry. I’m docking. It is because like I feel like I need like milk or water or

something. It is a little dry. I’ll go to nine because I don’t usually like like chocolate but I like it. I was thinking a nine wants to go 8.5 but we have to have only whole number. So I’m gonna go with 8889. That’s good. Uh Gentlemen, for you. Now we have the smelted nuggets. Um I believe this is based off of like gold nuggets. No, no, it’s cheese curd. Like little fried balls of cheese. So what you do is you take the sauce, you make a little batter

and you get a ball of cheese in it and then you put it in the fryer. These are fresh Wisconsin cheese

curd. So it’s when you did that, you guys did all that. Yeah. Yeah. My mom could not have done this. This is, this is crazy. I’m gonna have another one. I feel like these are good. We need sauce for, this would be better with like ketchup I think. Can we take that into account when? Oh, ok. Well, I just one day

stop, stop, get mine too. Don’t be my turn.

I wanna say

I don’t like it.

I wanna say it kind of takes away from that. You guys not liking the ketchup. Like made me want to try the ketchup just because I feel like I’ll be good to catch up. But I’m not. No, no, I’m I’m staying true. I’m staying true. No, I’m not, I’m not having it. You know what, I’m

gonna be a critic.

I think, I think we, I think we could be that, that way. We don’t like we can’t influence each other. We all say it once and then we can’t explain that. Wait, wait, wait, wait, let me try one

more. If you’re gonna try one more, I might as well.

It not be better without catch up. Ok, I have a rating three. Wait. Ok. I have a

rating. 321

70 oh, I guess that speaks for itself. It’s just a seven. This is, this is good,

but it’s not as good as like the fudge blocks were, I’ll tell you why I gave you a seven because I felt like the batter wasn’t crispy.

It could have been crispy, but I kind of liked the softness. We were

following it directly from the recipe. If I were to do this, uh, I would have added a little bit of alcohol to the batter. Maybe some beer I would have actually made it, have a more shattering crunch. And I also would have twice fried that with the recipe to not that I, I gotta come in and protect the mythical kitchen. Yeah.

Yeah, they look exactly like they do in the book.

Yeah. They, they actually are

very similar. I liked it and it was like kind of like a potato.

But we can all agree. It was seven out of 10 because we all agreed on that number. It’s unanimous


right now. We have the Nether rolled. Who?



you’re a man. So this is an Ube Frost. Ube is a Filipino purple sweet potato. I love with a pretty classic delightful cinnamon roll. There’s Ube puree in the cinnamon roll as well. Oh my God. And they look like the Nether Portal. They’re purple

and this is way more on theme. Like the last one they didn’t like like some gold coloring or something. It was just like, I think we should, we should also have a presentation. I’m taking it into like into account. You know what? This looks delicious. I’m not ready. Well, sorry, before I eat it. I didn’t know I’m not gonna like it. So actually we’ll find out maybe I’ll be surprised, but I already said he is the link. Like if you guys watch him morning. He’s the link of our friend group. 100%. He’s picky. I don’t think


George didn’t like you touching this. That is so good.

That is really good. You know what’s really gonna upset me,

George is gonna bring this down. You’re gonna bring

this down. This is good and you’re gonna ruin

it. I’m gonna, yeah, I mean, we’ll see, we’ll see when we get to the

race. I’m not gonna make you in the top two because the top two items are going to the finals. I don’t know what that means. It’s

gonna be a grand final rematch. Even if we

gave it, gave it a 10. It’s already out because the three sevens, I guess that’s who he put this

here. I said that was gonna be a grand finale rematch. Well, I have my number in mind. I have my number in mind. It’s, it tastes purple. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like it. He’s colorblind. He was like, oh, it’s colored, it tastes like blue. It’s like

disgusting. Like it’s just good. It’s nice and warm. It’s soft, it’s gooey.

I’m ready. Are we doing

it at the same time again? Yeah. 321,

444. And now I’m not blaming you guys. It’s like, what if you know Goor Ramsey made me something that I don’t like, you know, something. Imagine Go Ramsey makes you something you don’t like. Just like the recipe. You don’t like Ramsey

just know as soon as there’s something that you love,

love. Well, guess what, I’m gonna pretend like I don’t love it. These are, these are gonna throw off the entire results of this entire because you’re gonna be like, they’re gonna be like fighting about. We’re trying to fight just to get our favorite things into the finale. So

10, 95, 24 you

voted, who vote? 10, 10, I think this is a perfect cinnamon. It really is. I, I did, I eat the entire thing. Eat all five remaining ones and mine. If it’s a 10 you should want. It is a 10. I like, I like, I’m not gonna eat all of them. Yeah. No, I’m not. It’s not, it’s not

happening. You know what? This was amazing. I’m sad

that you 10, 94. So that 23.

10 9403.

24 guys. He can’t do maths. Gentlemen. We have burger. So a pretty standard burger. You got a burger patty. You got Swiss cheese, mushrooms and onions, brioche bun. I think that’s a, so there’s, there’s mushrooms, arugula and truffle, truffle. Three things. I don’t, he doesn’t like mushrooms, he doesn’t like truffles. He

doesn’t like anything. That’s good.

He’s gonna Joshua Biden. He’s gonna give me this look. Look, we’ll do it. We’ll bite it at the same time.

I, I have. No,

it’s gonna be like uh the tramp. You ready? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wasn’t even

I’m a, I

love the mushrooms. You know what my favorite part of the burger is the mushrooms, the truffle and the, you know what I’m gonna say that I’ll be the first to say it. All these ingredients that blend together. I feel like I can’t taste them individually. So it removes my dislike for them individually at the way. Yeah, I’m going for another one.

I’m wow.

That was like, that was like, compliments to the chef without saying compliments to the chef. He was the chef. Yeah, that’s, that’s why, that’s why, that’s why he’s like, yeah, actually, now that I cooked it, it’s kind of good. Wait, is that I pickle or

something? Uh, so that’s the balsamic vinegar actually, which I wouldn’t have done if this was my recipe. I probably would have used it. I like

it wor pretty high. I’d say three,


Nice. If I was like at a place that sells bugger, I’d be very happy if this was on the menu, I’d probably pick this over just like a standard bug. I’d be

very happy if I ordered a burger from somewhere and I got this, I’d be like, damn. But I don’t know. The thing is the only reason I haven’t given anything A 10 is because like, I, I feel like for a 10, I need to be like, holy crap. That’s crazy. But this is very good. This is solid. Very happy every single time I’d be more than happy. I’d be ecstatic, but I don’t know if it’s a 10. So that’s why I give it a nice

all right y’all next up, we got the suspicious stew. We’ll say this recipe is a lot more stew than suspicious. It’s a pretty basic vegetarian stew beefed up a little bit of soy sauce. We got uh yellow lentils in there. We got potatoes, carrots. I’m not

a big fan of like stew usually, but this looks like good. Like it looks like this is like a, like if it was cold and rainy outside I want, this

is a thick old stew.

321 go. Oh,

wow. It was too hot. It’s good. He, he’s good.

He’s good. These are my initial thoughts. I think it depends on what kind of restaurant you’re at, whether or not you would be happy with this.

That makes sense. I guess. I guess if you’re at like sushi, it’s kind of weird.

Right? No, not, not in terms of that. I’m saying like it’s like hearty.

Like I could see this being the starts of course for like Christmas lunch. Are we

ready to read? Yeah, I’m ready. I think, I know. Wait, wait.

Wow, you got them. So I’m wearing this in terms of soup. I got it.


What did you want? This guy is a freak. What did you say? I said, I said who says four for CM rolls and nine for, this was good. Like I said, you said you would buy it for $6 at, and then you give it a nine pan. So, is good. I,

a big meat eater and the fact that it is

vegetarian, I actually, I, I don’t mind the soup is, I think it, I think a lot of soup doesn’t need

meat. Cool. But I think it tastes better

with meat. Which, which meaty soup do you

like chicken noodle soup?

Hm. All right. So what we did?

67 13. And then what did you give

it? I like to. Sorry.

My bad is 22. Don’t worry, it’s not on the top two. So, don’t worry about it. Also, guys, we’re halfway through. So we have four items left and the last one is crazy.

We have this app app

based on the famous Golden Apple from

minecraft. That’s true. It’s all falling apart. So I feel like I’m not gonna like this again, but we’ll see like, like I love apples, but I just feel like you like

you love apples. You order apple juice everywhere and it makes you look

that’s a bad, that’s a bad pie. Well, I didn’t write the recipe. No, no bad. You’re giving me a bit. I’m not a huge fan. Latice crusts are pretty but they don’t really, they don’t fun.

It just smell hot. No

ice cream with apple

pie. Is that? How did I wash this down with they don’t have like an ice cream recipe. No. Try it. You have to put it on it and try it. Come on. I’m done with this apple

pie. Yeah, I need some, I need some ice cream and I need

the, make it, make it, like, fix it. I’ll make it less dry the soup. It’ll become a meat pie. You, you, you brought the soup all this way? Oh, fine. I think those flavors could actually work. I think they will. Are they complimentary? I think the

soup needs a little bit of acid. The apple’s gonna add that.

Ok. Let’s find out you ready? Yeah just no no no that’s bad. That’s all the apple pies bo let’s do three. We have food in my mouth. Take your time, take your time. Mm. Ok.

Ok. 321141

one. You know I genuinely don’t like it. I’m changing it. Three not even double digits. That’s an eight like I would rather just eat an apple. So I would I would rather I would rather have an apple in this. I think that’s like terrible.

Right y’all we got the chicken jockey sandwich. So you see this video game called Minecraft and in it, the zombies ride on chickens like a jockey would ride on a horse.

I like the pasta. I mean like it. So it’s OK. I feel like the flavors clash like yeah, so I don’t like firstly I don’t want the tomato. Like this is just terrible. Like, I don’t really like the pesto. I do like Pesto but not in the bugger. It’s not ridiculous. Clash like it clashes but there’s some things that do clash that like they’re good because

they clash. I’m a big person where I, I don’t like grilled chicken. I like my chicken, like fried, fried, I guess if they mean like this means it is a fried chicken Minecraft sandwich. I’d be all over it. 3215

95. I did five because I was like II I was, I was doing sex and I was like I don’t like it enough to do sex and I feel like I definitely don’t

dislike it. I go to five because I’m kind of like I got it’s all right like I would eat

it. I would also eat it but like I wouldn’t like uh who Minecraft Day? Wait, we’re gonna get like wait, stop, stop Copyright.

It’s dead. It’s been 100 years. It’s fair use now.

Yeah, it feels

good. Yeah,

I’m gonna blow I have a wish. Yeah,

blow it out.

Oh breath it out. Breath it in, breath it in I’m gonna eat it with the Oh yeah you can. Oh do you hear that? It’s sizzled. Oh yes, so this is a


Ok. It is a pretty, pretty classic white vanilla cake uh or yellow vanilla cake with um strawberries puree is a Victoria Sponge cake. Whoever

decorated this did. Really?

I like the like the squareness of the squares. Um Yeah, then it’s got AAA buttercream. Pretty classic. Look at that. She’s cut me. Looks like someone rubbed an oily finger on. What is strawberry juice? I have like one, I have one pixel of strawberry. Well, then take another one, dude. Why are you complaining so much? But I’m actually not complaining because to be honest, I don’t want the strawberry but what

ready go?

I’m not even ready to eat it. So see that’s why you didn’t sink it. You’ll be ready. Whoa It’s cold. That is very

good. It came out of the fridge for food safety concerns because you know us, we

care about it.

I like this cake. It’s good. I like the fresh strawberries. I

like the fresh strawberries as well. They’re good but George doesn’t like it. I like it may have another controversial opinion man. I’m just not, I will

say this cake not a big fan of the the really thick icing. I like that actually I don’t think it

actually it was just the complete opposite to you guys. It was good here like I usually wouldn’t like it but like it was good here. Are you ready? Yeah.


578. This kind of cake I just don’t like I like more like a chocolate cake or like a lemon cake I think for me if it didn’t have the filling in the middle. It was, it was fluffier and like slightly less sweet and


Like sweet bread. I think, I think it needs to be softer. Maybe putting it in the fridge was your downfall. What do you mean this man, this is the

Minecraft cookbook. We’re

following their rules. It tells you to put it in, it tells you to put it in the fridge.

Yeah. Yeah, it

does. Yeah, I’ll check. All right. Oh interesting. Uh I don’t see you put it in the fridge. Honestly the very last direction is just put 10 strawberries on it. Wait is it because surely no, no no it’s like if you’re Yeah it wasn’t in there. Ok. It’s not meant to be refrigerated. Do not refrigerate your cakes. Who who? Well you got nothing else to say so. Alright let’s let’s bring in the final two. Alright y’all we got the final, winning the burger and the and the bug. That makes sense what you wanna be trying first. I feel like the burger

you have.

Let’s go to the burger. I am so

full. So these are our original bug. Yeah. Yeah, those are

I have one fatal fall of the burger but this is strictly from like a nerd cookery perspective. They tell you to mix the salt and the pepper with the meat. To me it gives it this weird snack texture that I don’t like in a burger like if you see the meat’s kind of clumping together right here. It’s kind of tough. That’s because the salt is actively like curing the meat. It’s changing the structure of the proteins that loose pack crumbly burger. Y’all. Y’all got those tasting

notes too. I actually was gonna say that. Yeah. Yeah, I was thinking about not saying that but something similar. Yeah, it makes

sense. So we’re gonna, we’re all gonna pick a favorite and the one that has the most favorites wins. All right.

Here we go.

I don’t know if there’s a better food that exists in the world than this. I, I can’t imagine it. Right. This is excellent. Like, like just well

done. I don’t know you guys, but I do have my favorite. I have my

favorite. I have my favorite

fudge, fudge, one, fudge, fudge two. So now if either of you choose fudge it’s over. So say

burger. I like the bugger

burger one.

Actually, I was gonna say burger burger. What

did you actually, what are you actually gonna cheese

burger? You know, honestly, I don’t know what I was gonna pick because I think they’re just so different. It’s hard to pick. But honestly, I’m not a big dessert person. So I actually might have gone with the burger that we know what he’s gonna pick, don’t we do it? It’s fudge. I, I ruined the ending. I’m going unless he wants to lie, he’s gonna choose fudge

Jordan. It’s actually gonna be, and the last one is fudge. Oh.

Oh, good.

Let’s go. All right guys. Well, fudge is the champion. It’s the winner of the official Minecraft cookbook. All you guys also check out Mythical Kitchen. They’re awesome without them. This wouldn’t be impossible. So, check them out and subscribe to them as

well. They made all the awesome food. Wait, did you say? Wouldn’t be impossible? I

said would be impossible. You are actually probably color blind, blind, deaf British stupid says maths

fine. I’ll bite. What is Minecraft?

We Tried The Minecraft COOKBOOK In Real Life… was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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